DUcomplaint : unwanted messages and activation of subscription automatically

C Sep 29, 2018 Review updated:

On 21/9/18 12.46 am i got one message from 7788

Your PIN is 2944 Insert this one time password and enjoy du My World

On same day 9.15 am bellow message

Thank you doe subscribing to du Bollywood premium for AED 2/day.VAT charges as applicable.
Click the link to go to the portal so and so .To Unsubscribe send UNSUB BOLLYWOOD TO 7788

Immediately i send UNSUB Bollywood

Got confirmation of Unsubscribed ...

How Du Subscribe with out my confirmation, Why with out request PIN number is sending and if i didn't saw
the message this charges will accumulate and we need to pay.this is not only for me in our co so many
numbers faced this cheating ideas

and keep in mind none of this charges we will not be paying and such ideas DU should avoid at any cost

complaint : unwanted messages and activation of subscription automatically


  • Pe
    Peter Dubai Mar 18, 2019

    Its still doing the same november december stole 200 some mountain promotion January bolluwoof 20aed. Du is stealing customers money can anybody guide where we can report this abuse.

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  • Ar
    Arbab Khan Apr 24, 2019

    I have also been cheated for 70 AED on my last bill, I never subscribed to any subscriptions and my last bill shows subscriptions towards Sports News and Tips for Happy Life Pack. I am extremely disappointed and disgusted by this service provider.

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  • Fm
    f moeini Jul 02, 2019

    Same happened to me and they have been charged me 62 dhs

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  • He
    Heaven0482 Aug 07, 2019

    same thing with me this Tips for Happy Life pack..i am not aware there is a AED 10/- monthly charge i don't remember subscribing to it. And customer service cannot help with the refund..he advise to contact the support for that Tips for happy life pack but unfortunately i cannot find any.

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  • Ac
    acgd Dec 08, 2019

    THe Same thing as what happened to me I have 2 du no. 1st no.(postpaid) I received health tip subscription at the same time I UNSUBSCRIBED it that was August, then they stop sending daily msgs from this healthtip.. I wondered why my bill reaches more than I expected for 2 months upon checking my bill.. they billed me this subscription, , so I called du customer services, they said they can't refund it since it is 3rd party subscriptions.. I told them I didn't ask for it nor accepted it. So they said they will do refund 20 aed and cancel it.. but now it's still included in my bill. DU CHEATER

    Now in my 2nd no. (prepaid no.) I'm wondering why my account is always negative in credit.. so what I did I reloaded it. upon reloading they deduct my credit mobile, they said i borrowed from du(which I never did since i have my post paid when icheck they are deducting my account without any information fromt his "newsubscription"(whihc i did not subscribe) then borrow from du without my prmission.

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  • Ac
    Acmad Ali Dec 24, 2019

    @acgd How to unsubscribe the healthy tip? Because my keyword is not valid but I am doing what they said.

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  • Ya
    Yahyah2018 Feb 06, 2020

    @acgd Same thing happened with me.I got subscribed to asian tips without my permission. Itried to unsubscribe but it subscribed me to Gamehut and then I unsubscribe and the asian tips is sending me again. The number is 1547. I reported to du and they said they cannot block from their end so they just gave me a refund of AED40 that was in August. And until now same thing every month, I am charged AED 40 EXTRA!

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  • Ts
    Tsakiiii Feb 24, 2020

    @Yahyah2018 Same issue with that Asian Tips Health on the message there's this to Unsubscribe send Unsub AH to 1547. If you unsubscribe 1547 will reply and the message tells "INVALID KEYWORD" really??? what the hell?

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  • Ts
    Tsakiiii Feb 24, 2020

    @Tsakiiii Is there anyway to unsubscribe with this Asian Tips Health? I didn't subscribe with this. I just receive a message that I'm already subscribe like what the hell????

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  • Ki
    Kira 02 Feb 26, 2020

    Same is happening to me. I can't unsub to asian tips for health. I tried blocking the no. but I'm still being charged 1aed per day. It's so frustrating!

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