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I have had endless problems with my Holiday Card for almost a year now. They keep messing up my account and it takes me hours and hours of my airtime to try and resolve the problem!!! Every time I phone in, I get my account "fixed" but it ends up worse than ever!!

I was told by Nhlanhla Khoza that there was a problem on the Holiday Platform and that they had to de-link my Holiday card. I must now phone in every time (from my cell at premium rate) every time I am out at my Holiday Home.

Nhlanhla told me to email him with any problems or to schedule a connection. After numerous emails, he phoned me once but I was up a ladder fixing a light and he promised to phone back in 10 mins...sent 2 more emails still waiting.
Now the best is still to come !!! on Friday night at 17H07, I phoned in from my Cell: [protected] to have my service enabled on my Holiday card. The decoder did not come on and after 23 mins (cell call) I was told the DSTV had a "technical problem" Now I only wanted to watch the T20 cricket final and when I came back from fishing at 20H49 the decoder was still not on. I phoned in and told them to cancel as It was no use to me as I only wanted to watch the cricket that night. The lady refused and said it had to be on for 24 hours?????well is was NOT ON so cancel!! She put me through to a Gary Jacobs (Manager?) Who promised to phone me on Sunday at 3PM . I told him to schedule a immediate dis-connection . I got home on Sunday and went onto the website only to find that the service is still active!!!I Had phone in again to have it disconnected. CAN you please arrange for a refund and get someone to call me to fix my account.l


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    Sam Matane Sep 04, 2019

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    Dstv Multichoice is a problem

    samuel M | 03 Sep 2019, 08:34

    Good day

    Kindly assist with the following:

    Named: Sam Matane
    ID: **********082
    Cell: **********
    Res Address: 7034 Cydonia Street Unit 15
    Mmabatho. 2735. North West Province

    My Dstv Explorer was disconnected last week on the 29th of August. I phoned in to enquire and i was informed that I owe R66.10 as an outstanding balance for my account to be activated as Dstv debited a lower amount instead of my normal Price lock subscription.

    The lady then informed me that the febit order will go through and my Dstv will be switched on. I later phoned as it was still off and I came to my senses that tbere is no way Dstv could debit an amount which is not supposed to be debited. Rather I will recieve an sms indicating that there is insufficient funds in the account as a returned debit.

    The second lady i spoke to explained that Multichoice was experiencing a challenge with the system and price lock subscribers had their Dstv Explorers switched off and its not my problem rather the companies. She explained that the previuose person assisting me did not explain things correctly to me.

    1. My account is up to date and I do mot have an outstanding balance on my account.
    2. The R66.10 debited from account is a reconnection fee which was not even supposed to be charged on my account as it was not my problem for the Dstv to be switched off.
    3. Dstv has offered me a discount and i will not be paying my normal R604 subscription which includes my two insuarances for the Explorer and Extra view decoders.
    4. Today the 02 of September Dstv has debited an amount R712.07 which is not even my Price lock monthly debit.

    Kindly assist as this is a problem created by Multichoice and not myself.

    I would like payment debited from my account be reversed and the normal payment be done accordingly. When i try to call in every time i am told my problem has been escalated and some one will call me. To date no one has and i dont think they will ever call me because they take me fogranted.

    Your assistance will be highly appriciated.

    Sam Matane

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