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DriveTimefreudulent company

Unfortunately I have to say that I am part of the Drive Time's victims. I putted myself in the middle of a nightmare, by buying a car from Drivetime. I am the kind of person that value time as a treasure, working 14 hrs. a day and assisting to university too, I don't have time for this mediocrity. So, I have to let others know the kind of bussiness they are. I bought an SUV from them in July 24th of 2009 and from day one I confronted problems with the vehicle. To begin with, the fuel gauge on the panel won't work, which I couldn't notice before buying it, because the vehicle was even marking empty when I saw it. After that, the next morning when I went and moved the car from my garage, I saw an oil leak on the floor. Another problem with the SUV. This problem itself have brought me twice to the mechanic shop in less than three months. Now, the power windows started to act out, and the driver side got totaly stuck half open, not going down neither going up. the passenger side is probably soon getting stuck too. As if this were enough, the transmission is giving signs of problems now too. I called trying to reach a reasonable deal to change the vehicle for another one in better conditions, but they are totaly stucked on the the warranty is there for that reason. But, I don't buy a used vehicle, which I'm going to pay as new price, for being in the shop every week, month, or so; not to mention all the money involved.
Drivetime you are a REAL SCAM! Very UNPROFESSIONAL! HOW DARE YOU TO BETRAY CUSTOMER'S TRUST! You are the kind of bussiness that never should have been in the market! I'will make sure this doesn't happen longer more, sooner or later!


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    homeintampa Jan 08, 2011
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    It surprises me these Aholes are still in business. I am up date on my payments- have been for 3.5 years and STILL get grief, threats and haraasment from them. My last payment was $30 low, due to misunderstanding between my husband and I. They called me every day approximately 8-10 times a day until I made up the difference.
    [censor]. I regret every dealing with them. As I come up to the end of the contract I CANT WAIT for them to try contacting me to upgrade!!! AS IF.

    Would love to know if anyone else is filling complaints about the collection practices.

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