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RE: 2015 Ford C-MAX SE 1FADP5AU5FL107487 Odometer: 83, 184
Purchased: 01/02/2019 Purchased from: Drive-Time Lauderdale Lakes 2300 N. State
Rd. 7 Lauderdale Lakes, FL 33311

On Tuesday, January 29, 2019, I was driving when I heard a pop sound. Immediately, the car started pulling to the left side. Unable to steer or control the vehicle, I was pulled over the curve and into standing foliage. I brought the car to a complete stop. Unable to move the vehicle, I had to have a tow truck pull the car out. At that point I could see that there was a real problem. The days prior to this incident, I was hearing a thumping type of noise while operating the vehicle. This noise became increasingly louder. Also, the front wheels would wobble when I started to drive from a dead stop. It was my plan to take the vehicle for a diagnostic review of the noise and wobbling on the following day.

I had the vehicle towed to McKenzie Auto Center at 4410 N. Federal Hwy. in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. Ph, :954-779-1418 (I have included a copy of the tow truck receipt.) After deliberation with my insurance company, I was informed that they would not be covering the repair of my car. The resolve was due to the fact that my car was still under the 30 DAY WARRENTY, and that Drive-Time/Silver Rock was responsible. After reviewing my policy, I verified that my Drive Time Coverage does in fact cover "Drive axle housing/differential and all internal lubricated parts, Drive shafts, Universal joints, Constant, velocity joints, Wheel/hub bearings". This was not an accident, this was as a result of breaking car equipment. I have learned that the issue is due with the vehicles faulty control arm. This was not discovered by Drive Time, because I have since learned that Drive-Time did not perform a 25 Point Inspection prior to my leaving the car lot. That was confirmed by Mida a Consumer Relations Mananger in Phoenix, Az..

Since the time of the incident, I have spent $250.00 for Lyft Rides in commuting to and from work and medical related appointments. Also, since January 29, 2019, I have not had my vehicle for transportation. My credit rating has dropped over 300 points. I've suffered emotional and physical trauma. And, I was forced to take a Florida Driving Operators Extended Road Test. Also, in order to satisfy the storage fee of the unusable car, the car has a lien placed on it and then sold at auction in September 2019.

I am asking that Drive-Time provide me with the following:

• Satisfy the outstanding loan balance on the vehicle with Bridgecrest Financial.
• Help to restore my credit standing on all 3 credit reporting agencies.
• A free automobile of my choosing from their inventory.
• A complete inspection and/or repair of the vehicle equipment, electrical system, vehicle computer, latches, locks, door locks and a 25 Point Inspection to include Lights/Electrics, Under the Hood, Breaks/Hub, Underside, Wheels/Tires and Tow Bar
• Reimbursement for the tow truck fees associated with this incident
• Reimbursement for the monies spent in hiring a Lyft for transportation
• Compensation for the stress, anxiety and emotional position that I have experienced as a direct result of this incident.

The results of damage to my car IS NOT MY FAULT, it is due to FAULTY CAR EQUIPMENT. I was within the 30 DAY TIME PERIOD, and this qualifies as Drive-Time's responsibility to cover all cost associated with this issue.

Carlos DeTorres
2201 N.E. 19th Street
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33305
[protected] [protected]

Oct 08, 2019

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