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K Aug 07, 2018

I was approved for financing through drivetime I was really excited to get this 2008 infinity ex35 nice, the problem was my payments were bi weekly and I got paid semi monthly I kept asking them to change the payment date so my payments don't fall behind but they wouldn't they are going off a payment schedule I no longer had which put me in a bind so they repo my car I got it back but they said my payments would be monthly now I was fine with I thought but they are not even paying the past due which I don't understand how I still have a past due when I paid them 1700 to get it back and my payments I made 3 payments combined was 1500, there only applying money to the loan so my pay due still there they just don't hold it against as long as you agree to pay on time, I made a half payment they took my car the next day I was pissed like really I had to call off unable to get to work and they just be like you can get it back there going off of a verbal contract not the original contract which I'm confused how they can do that isn't that illegal my credit is not the best but you just paying to rent a car because you never own it I want to take legal action against them as well

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