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Drive Time/ugly Ducklingclaiming that I owe $12,000.00


I purchased a car from Ugly Duckling in 1997. After having the car for less than two months, the car died on a major Hwy and my car was towed to the nearest car repair shop by request of a police officer. I was told that it would cost about $2000, 00 to fix it. I called Ugly Duckling and they said that they would not fix the problem. I told them to come and pick up the car. After about a month, It my credit report reflected a "Volunteer Surrender." I called Ugly Duckling who told me that the car had already been sold. I heard nothing else and after about 7 years, it was removed from my credit report.

Now, after 12 years has gone by, I took a look at my credit report to see an amount for over $12, 000 dollars. I thought that someone had stollen my identity as I knew that I did not purchase a car for $12, 000 dollars. I called Drivetime who informed me that in 2005, my file was sold. When I called the agency in which it was sold, he said that the amount was not $12, 000 dollars, but $14, 000 dollars!

The car was old and not worth more than about $2, 000.00, if that. I feel that this is extortion. Why didn't Ugly DUckling put an amount 12 years ago? If I had owed any amount, it would have been paid off. Now, the rude person that I spoke to said that he could offer me a settlement of $5, 000.00 if I wrote out a check today!

There is NO way that I can pay that...Is there anything that I can do????

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