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Drive Time / Santanderhigh payments and constant harrassments

We bought a car based on nothing but lies and now we are stuck with a super high car note and upside down in it. We were told in Ft.Worth at a Suzuki dealer we only qualified for a New Car- 07 then, which was completely lies- Drive Financial which is now Santander for us, refuse to refinance and all they do is constantly harrass even if you loose your job- i really want to give them this car back and by someone else- with much cheaper rate and payments. They make you feel stuck- I really hope this Class Action Suit works- consumers get screwed too much!!!


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    What's happening Sep 12, 2009

    I have a loan with Drive Financial which is now Santander, We purchased our new car back in Feb 2008 . We never missed a paymento on our Charger until July this year2009. Before we missed a payment, we told (Drive) them that I financial situation had changed. My husband and most of his co-workers were all laid off. The company laid off over 80% of it's workforce. We called Drive Financial, we needed to make arrangements, to re-finance. Drive told us their company is not that kind of company. They don't re-finance. Our payments are too high, we are upside down. I cannot understand, why this company cannot work with us.
    I don't recommend Drive Financial or Santander company's to anyone.
    Where can Americans find help when you need it .We have lost out to foreign companies. What is happen in America.

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    Salse02 Oct 06, 2009

    The same with me. I financed a 2003 Hyuandai Sante Fe that was originally $13, 000.00. Gave a $3, 000.00 down payment, have been paying for over 2 years, and have a payoff of $10, 000.00. I am trying to trade it in for something that gets more miles to the gallon but I am upside down. I was informed that I would be able to get refinanced, that was a huge lie. I ended up getting the highest interest rate you could possibly get. My question is, is there something that is legally binding in which they have to put a certain percentage of your payment towards the principle and a certain percentage towards finance fees? What's interesting is that the car is supposed to be paid off by 2012, and with a monthly payment of $391.00, basically my payments are now being put towards the principle. If anyone knows of a Class Action Lawsuit against them, please post it so that everyone can get a bite of these people.

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    Good customer bad bank Dec 11, 2009

    I've been a customer with sovereign bank, which was bought out buy Santander. I recently was unemployed and called Santander to warn them of my upcoming financial struggle. Although I have NEVER missed a payment with them for 3 years, they would not consider helping me. My car is $15k upside down and they had no other programs to help me, even in the economy we are in. A fair and just bank SHOULD have programs to HELP customers in need. A refinance is not anything they do either, one would think that rewarding and retaining good clientele is what they would do, but they are no help. I was told that my only option is repo, seeing that a bank loses more money on a repo, u would think they'd negotiate- but no dice! so I told them to send the repo man over.

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    Tommy-Gunnz Dec 11, 2009

    Unfortunately they are marketed to those of us who have poor credit and no options. If we want to finance a car, we get a company like this, the "Slum Lord" of the credit complex. They can be bullies because we don't have options. If we did, we would never be paying the outrageous rates they charge. Their rates are so high because a good portion of those who get financed, wind up getting repo'd, or just default. And it's not that they don't care if you lose your job, or have a family medical issue (my issue my wife was in the hospital for 2 months and they called all day every day), it's they don't believe us because so many people lie about it. While I understand the reasoning behind their bullying, there are now laws in place that prevent them from doing some of the illegal practices they do. I had a car dealer tell me how to get out of the car loan with them with minimal damage to my credit, it was brilliant and I now drive an 07 Charger, and my wife an 08 Grand and I'll tell you what I did. [protected]

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    aflynn79 Feb 24, 2010

    I also had my Soverign bank load sold to Santader. I became pregnant, and due to an illness was unable to stay at work. Month after month i told them i couldn't afford it, and yet they stated they wanted to work with me and gave me an extension. Finally i have returned to work, and can now afford the payment. I recieved a call the other evening from a manager who stated that even though i made payment arrangements, the car was out for repo anyway. i'm letting them take the car because i will no longer deal with this company, and my credit is too low to refinance with another company. There should definately be a class action lawsuit against this company. There practices are probably illegal, and 100% SHADY!!! I read on anothe website how they have been known to report late payments to the credit bureau for customers who make timely payments, and refuse to correct the problem. I also saw where they've been known to repo cars from people who are up to date on payments, just so they can collect additional fees. OUTRAGEOUS!!! All i can say is that Karma is a [protected]@#%, and people who work there will get their just desserts!

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    ADKnight Apr 01, 2010

    I purchased a vehicle and it was financed "pre-approved" through Santander. I kept calling them for three weeks to find out how much to pay, to whom, and when. They kept telling me I was not in their system. Then, I get a call from the dealer almost a month later that the finance company is just now getting around to verifying my information and since I changed jobs since I bought the car, they no longer wanted to finance me. I called Santander and spoke with Felicia, who said if I don't have a job where taxes are taken out (because I'm a contractor) they won't finance me. I asked how long I have to stay at the same job in order for them to verify and get me in the system? She said there's no set time, it just depends on how busy they are, and they are busy right now. So, it appears I am required to plan my life and job situation around the schedule of how busy Santander is or isn't.
    She hung up on me and sent my paperwork back to the dealer, refusing to honor the loan they had already approved. This made the dealer then want the car back.
    Their website says they process their loans in 2-3 days. This was a month later.
    A complaint was made to the OCCC who licenses them.
    Damage Resulting = A tow truck was sent to my home to try to take the car, the dealer attempted to file theft charges on me, the car is owned by no one at this point and they are threatening me to bring it back or lose my downpayment.

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  • lioness8163 May 19, 2010


    My payments were made to Sovereign Bank and cashed by said bank. I always paid more than what was owed on the car loan I was running a month ahead on the payments anyway. Apparently, the car loan was sold to Santander but instead of being told this they just presented themselves to me a collection agency working on the loan for and through Sovereign Bank. Due to the economy slowing my carpet business was suffering and I sent a letter to Sovereign asking them to be patient as the busy season for carpet installation was fast approaching. Meanwhile, I secured a job in an industry I had been in for ten years previously so I could get caught up. In addition, I had given up my rental home in lieu of becoming a room mate in order to further free up my finances. Finally, I lacked $250.00 to get it out of repossession, running two payments behind. I made arrangements with them to pay this amount on Friday May 14, 2010 with an additional payment shortly thereafter. On the wee hours of Thursday morning May 13th a repo man came and got my van and ironically this was the day I started a new job for a major grocery store chain. It was the grand opening and I had to go to work basically hitching a ride and in shock with all of my personal possessions and tools God knows where. I had many items from the move in there including taxes and personal papers and finances...

    I would have voluntarily given the vehicle up had there not been any other options but for them to be dirty and make arrangements and then pick it up with no regard for someone who had paid on time for three years. When I could finally arrange for a day off so that I could go pick up my belongings as the recovery company told me I could only come between 8-11 am m-f, a whole new problem arrived on the scene. THE AUCTION COMPANY WAS THERE TO PICK IT UP AND AS THEY DROVE IT PAST ME I NOTICED IT HAD BEEN DAMAGED SEVERELY IN THE RECOVERY PROCESS. THIS VAN WAS IN PERFECT NEAR SHOWROOM CONDITION AND THE WHOLE BACK QUARTER PANEL INCLUDING RIPPING OFF THE RUNNING BOARDS I HAD PUT ON WERE GONE. The recovery company would not let me notate this on the paper I had to sign to get my things nor would they admit to anything. In fact, they had a incident report stating it was like that which is a complete and total lie. I had full coverage on this vehicle there is no way there would be any damage on it, it was my baby and my livelihood. Now where does this leave me? They want me to pay $2000.00 to get it back for a vehicle that was trashed after having made arrangements with me. How can a company operate this way?? In addition I had not officially moved in yet so they were trespassing on my room mate’s property. How can these people operate as OUTLAWS and get away with it??? Who holds them accountable? Please let me know as I do not want anyone else to have to suffer such losses and emotional and financial distresses. Class action lawsuit? I'm IN!!!

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    rightisright Jul 01, 2010

    this company suck every rep i talk tp lies about setting u up on payment arrangement. Then u get a call 3 days later and there is nothing in the note about the arrgments made. I have a trick for these mfers. I know i cant record the call but i can get a noter republican to listen and document the call and can be held up on court. Please for give any misspellings i am doing this from my cell

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