DoubleDown Casinounauthorized credit card charges

G Dec 03, 2019 Review updated:

On 11/27/2019 I bought 99.99 chips, on 12/02/2019 I was charged 99.99 again without making purchase... May I please get a refund... I spend alot of money on this app and I would hate to lose the relationship over this! I don't understand why this happened... I was at work that day and did not make a purchase can not afford to make this puchase at this time... Will you please credit my money back?

  • Updated by Greg Nasalroad · Dec 03, 2019

    0n 11/27/19 i purchased 99.99 in chips from doubledown casino...on 12/2/19 i did not buy more chips... although my credit card was charged the way it is my debit card...i budget my monthly amount of money i spend with doubledown casino...i can not afford for it to be randomly taken out of my account...i spend alot of my hard earned money on doubledown casino and i would hate for our relationship to end over this...please return my 99.99 that was taken out without my knowledge


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