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DoubleDown Casino reviews & complaints 201 - 196

DoubleDown Casino complaints 196

DoubleDown Casino - promotions, spins. slow activity. id#c78dd7b7afd547co95393f999a564ac8.

I purchased a 7 day promotion which was supposed to give 8mil chips the first day and up to 8 mil the next 7 days. The wheel spins and lands on 6 mil or 8 mil. If that happens it moves two segment...

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DoubleDown Casino - doubledown casino not loading games so I can play

My DoubleDown Casino account, [protected], will allow me to collect credits but then stops at the DoubleDown logo with the poker chips lining up and acting like it is loading but goes no further. It does not load the page to select a game to play. Please correct. Thank you, Sandy Shaw
It has acted like this for a while now. I enjoy playing DoubleDown Casino games as I am 70 years old and retired so I stay home a lot. I can get into other casinos to play but I really like DoubleDown Casino. So please consider helping me. Thanks again, Sandy Shaw

DoubleDown Casino - trouble with game on android phone

I have 3 Android phones that I use to play your game on and all three are having trouble playing your games. Everything was fine until you had your last software update. Now when I open my app and...

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DoubleDown Casino - chips and status

I've been playing Doubledown for a long time and now all of my chips, and status is gone. I've been putting a lot of money into your game and I don't know why now it has disappeared. I recently had...

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DoubleDown Casino - slots

I am unable to play the slots on Double down casino site. Every time I try, the special offer appears and 6it freezes up. I try to gett outof this special offer by hitting the X, but it does not...

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DoubleDown Casino - doubledown purchase screen and step advancement edited incorrectly.

Double Down modified my Casino access screen format last week. I had been playing slot games using free DD Promotion Codes that I would enter into a Promotion Code box on the Purchasing page. There is also a Step Level box in the upper left hand corner of the home screen that was erroneously modified.

The Promotion code box was removed from the Purchase page which makes it impossible for me to enter free DD Promotion Codes.

A large amount of spin achievement was deleted in my step level box. I had advanced way past the ending zeroes in the box and was near reaching Step 17.

DoubleDown Casino - service

i had a computer last year and was having trouble with your game-freezing-could not get from one game to another - needed to leave game and go back in-game would spin and not stop-points would not...

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DoubleDown Casino - unable to install program

have had double down free slots for a while, and 2 days ago was noted had to update which i tried and could'nt get through, so closed out program and tried to get back in and will not install..i am 82 yrs and liked to play the game, there are other free slots that you don't have to update all the time and not as much trouble.i also had nearly 3, 000.00 credits i lost since it won't let me install it again..if this is the way it has to be handled then i guess i will have to choose another game and company..

l try to play Double Down but the message not connected to the internet comes up. All my other slot games play

I try to play Double Down but after the first or second spin a message comes up and says not connected to the internet. This is the only program that does this. All other slot games play just fine. Very irritating. Judy Walker

I had an update sometime in May, 2018, have not been able to get into double down on my kindle help

Had a update towards end of May, have not been able to get into it on my kindle, help

DoubleDown Casino - jetons qui disparaissent

Une première fois j'avais acquis plus de 60 000 000 en argent virtuel et mon compte a été vidé... Il y a quelques jours j'avais remonté mon compte a 45 000 000 et celui ci a encore disparu et le semaine dernière j'étais à 12 000 000 et hop... Plus que 100 000... Je sais c'est pour le fun mais tout de même pourriez-vous me donner une explication car j'en ai un peu marre...
Dis je changer de compte et dans ce cas reprendre le jeu à zéro alors que j'en suis au niveau14...
Quoiqu'il en soit pouvez vous m'aider?
Autre chose... Pourriez vous vous rajouter des jeux tels que damlumber jack beavers et zorro et d'autres encore qui rendrait le casino encore plus attrayant..
Merci de votre réponse et voici mon mail :
Miss. [protected]

DoubleDown Casino - doubledown casino slots plus

I had well over 100, 000, 000 credits. Entered doubledown from Facebook on my iPad to clIm 250, 000 credits. After a lot of difficulty, I finally got through, however, I only had 3, 000, 000plus credits. Tried everything including deleting doubledown and reloading and cannot get my very large quantity of credits back.

Been playing for years and spent lots of money. I would very much like to get large amount of credits back.

Thank you
Jean wilmes

DoubleDown Casino - didn't receive bonus game chips

at about 7:30 p.m. tonight, maybe a little later, I was playing IN BLOOM and got a bonus game. played the game and when the Bump Bonus came up I made my selection and it came up that i won 300, 000, 000 chips. I was ecstatic and took a picture on my phone to show my family. Imagine my frustration when the chips never showed on my account and I spent about 20 minutes trying to figure out how to notify you. Finally figured out this method. Please help me as I am a lone time player and can't understand why I would not receive chips that I won. Please rectify my problem ASAP. Marilyn Zubek

Update by Marilyn Zubek
May 20, 2018

At about 7:30 - 7:45 tonight I was playing IN BLOOM and received a bonus game I played the game and made my selection on the Bump Bonus. Imagine my delight when I received 300, 000, 000 points as my Bump Bonus!! I promptly took a picture with my phone and sent to my family!However now I am frustrated and getting a little angry as NO credits were credited to my account!! NONE!!! Please help my rectify this situation ASAP Marilyn Zubek

Update by Marilyn Zubek
May 20, 2018

Please see above detailed complaint and promptly respond Thank you Marilyn Zubek

Update by Marilyn Zubek
May 20, 2018

See above complaint!

DoubleDown Casino - icy wild game

One of my favorite games is Icy Wild and it isn't that old. However, I can no longer find it listed. Is it coming back. There are so many OLD games still on the double down casino site. Why don't you take some of the old ones off and add some new games. There are so few that I enjoy lately through double down and no Icy wilds is not there. Please let me know if it will return.

DoubleDown Casino - paying for tech support

I CAN NOT believe after spending the amount of money I have over the years that went I need Tech support to correct a PROBLEM I'm having on THEIR end that I have to Pay for THAT TOO.

The fact that it's only $5.00 to start is ridiculous. And you don't find that out till AFTER you enter your complaint/problem and you are NOT given the choice of saying NO. You either pay the $%.00 or your problem will NOT be sent. What a racket.

Update by Toni Larson
Apr 23, 2018

I have been playing on your website for MANY years and have made MANY chip package purchases. I am handicapped and house bound for the most part and play your casino games for a lot of my entertainment. I live on a very limited disability income. I do like your games but WHY are they so damn TIGHT with ANY payouts. I purchased a 300 MIL package and it was all but taken away in LESS THAN 24 HOURS. I understand your co wants to make money, no problem with that BUT again WHY are you SO CHEAP???? I lose the chips so quickly I WILL NOT purchase a pack unless it gives 3X or 4X. I am not stupid enough to believe this will go anywhere because I KNOW you get 1000's of complaints, probably more, but what the hell MIRACLES do happen I've heard. Loosen up ALL your Casino games specially the Video Poker games. I quit suggesting your website to anyone years ago. I got THREE people to join and NEVER got the 1 MIL coins. Not that they'd help much.

DoubleDown Casino - diamond club

I play DDC about 4 hours a day at least and my Diamond Club status is Pink. I play only slot machine. I notice that I advance only 12 points a day even if I play for 4 hours. At this rate, how old I'm gonna be to reach 10, 000? Don't you think it's a little too slow. Could it be a little faster? The speed right now makes no sense. I think I'm in the Pink stage for over a year and I didn't reach the 2000 yet.

DoubleDown Casino - the fact that you have to now win millions of chips just to play.

I've been on level 16 for about two year's. I was promised 17 million chips when hitting level 17. Two year's is a long time. Also I've played for about 5 year's. And now the winning's don't match what the bet's are suppose to be. In order to win anything, you must have millions of chip's. What happened to just playing normal 10 grand bet's and winning. Not all of us have tons of money to buy millions of chip's. I'm on Social Security retirement and loved to play for about 30 minutes a day. Now the stingy amount of chips we get for signing on is hardly enough to win slot's you guys said...Pam Hoglund

DoubleDown Casino - unethical behaviour

played 4 million points tonight at 40 thousand a spin get 1 bonus at 10 free spins on Bombay game get just 24 thousand points out of the free spins not just one night but every time I seem to play bonuses are rubbish even went to taking 2 million points and no win sent a huge amount of emails but zen desk says it is within fairplay rules is that so

DoubleDown Casino - wild red sevens

I was playing wild red sevens on my tablet last night I was betting 50, 000 and got a wheel spin and hit 1000 on the wheel but then it froze there and didn't pay me my winnings.I had to eventually close double down to unfreeze it .So lost my winnings.When i went back in to check it just went back to playing like nothing happened.How do i get my winning chips.

DoubleDown Casino - davincci diamonds

I am requesting a refund from double down casino. I have spent $500.00 to play their game DaVincci Diamonds, it is definitely rigged - no bonuses - all it does is take your money. I am disabled permantely do not have the money to keep blowing when all I wwant is to have a little fun. I just wrote you not that long ago. I had just had open heart surgery, can't do much of anything. Please if there is anything you can do for me on this matter, I would be so grateful. Thank you. Theresa my email is [protected]

DoubleDown Casino - not receiving chips

I am 88 years old and retired I've been playing your game for many years and purchase chips. Lately with in the last couple of weeks my totals gained on bonuses are not adding up to my total. After submitting several complaints it has not been resolved. My account is under my Facebook account [protected] If you need to contact me you can reach me through our elf [protected] this is a disgrace so you take my money when I play but you don't avoid me my bonus money

DoubleDown Casino - not receiving credits

Hey DD ... what's going on? You changed things recently and I lost my advancement on Harley game. Submitted report, but never a response. Today I "collected" a free spin from a friend, got the $1million, but screen went dark and when reset I was not credited the million.
Also, the amount of chips I have is not changing in the top field (only at bottom). Things are wonky and just want to know when it will all be back to normal. I play everyday and really enjoy your site.

Thanks, Sue

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