Domino's Pizza131 888 service delivery orders

B Jul 12, 2019

The Manager
On Wednesday evening, the 10th of July at 6.45pm I phoned 131888 from the Brisbane Area, in an attempt to buy a delivery pizza with the use of a discount voucher. I spoke to a young Indian sounding male.
The voucher I attempted to use is described as; ‘Unlimited Large Value, Traditional or Premium Pizzas…from $15 each, Delivered…No Minimum Charge…expires 21/7/2019.
I explained the details of this voucher on a number of occasions against the backdrop of this young man's instance of a $21, 95 charge. During my several attempts he just wouldn't explain why my $15 voucher was no good until I spelled out the obvious questions. Why is it costing more than $15? What's wrong with the $15 voucher? Finally, he told me that the voucher was no good unless I ordered on-line. Is this true? Is this a condition outlined in the print too small for most people to read?
I'm a mature age person who doesn't personally have access to Internet on-line services at home. Are Dominos Vouchers useless unless you order on-line? Is there a selective service going on whereby the Domino's vouchers are only good if it suits the person answering the '131888' orders. Further, I suggest that the Domino's brand has a service delivery problem in having this particular person answering phone delivery requests. I found him to be very rude and arrogant!


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