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Danforth area Scarborough, Canada Review updated:

Hi my name is Charlene am irish and staying in the Danforth Scarborough area on holidays I purchased a bag of nuts from ur store yesterday opened them today and ate them I had 1 that the texture didn't seem ryt or tatste I turned on the light to gave a look and there is some kinda of insect with eggs on the shell I havnt stopped throwing up all day am sick to my stomach am going to address it with the store tommorow but thought I shall put it here to am disappointed as I had ate most of them 2 it's not the first bag I have bought from your store either it's disgusting and am pure sick if still like this tommorow I will have to go see a doctor


Apr 09, 2019
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  •   Apr 09, 2019

    I’d not blame the store unless they are purposely buy second-class food products. Each nut can’t be opened and inspected. However, I’d buy nuts from a reputable nut store as you want them fresh as possible. I paid $9.99/lb for fresh pistachios and they were on sale.

    I’ve bought food at Dollar Tree but only certain things. I’d never buy their 3.5 oz steak for $1 for a dog, never mind a human.

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  •   Apr 11, 2019

    What does you being Irish have to do with anything?

    Would you have complained to rite aid or shop rite if you bought it from there instead?

    You need to call the original company that deals with the nuts. The store is just the middle man.

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  •   Apr 12, 2019

    @Um is not an answer! I guess the Irish know about nuts. Salty nuts washed down with beer.

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