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Dollarama - Misleading prices BEAWARE check receipts

I was at the Dollarama location 301 Queen street Bolton ON today. I purchased a dry erase pocket with a price of 1.50 than I cashed out I decided to look at my receipt and they had scanned for 2.00, I purchased 3 of them so I went right back in, and the assistant manager said "sorry it's dollarama"
So I said to her when I pick up an item the price I see it's not guaranteed and she said "yes, it's dollarama". This is called false price advertising. You need to teach your empoloyees some customer service I wasn't given any solution, A big franchise I expect more!!!

Dollarama - Masks

I was in estevan saskatchewan dollarama today. The family in front of me were wearing mask except the dad /father he was only covering his mouth. Another family came through the door and the dad/father had his mask on his neck. Big suprise these two genius' decided to visit! What the hell is wrong with people. I finally make it to the till, the store clerk asked me for my postal code are you freekin kidding me! All I want to do is get the hell out of the store! This is not the first I have seen this in our store.


Dollarama - Self checkout not accepting cash or a pain to use cash to pay for purchases

At the Dollarama at Eastgate Square in Hamilton/Stoney Creek there is now only the self checkout option when paying for the items you want to buy anything at any Dollarama in Canada, why is that? Did the higher ups decide because of the Pandemic to eliminate good customer service practice(s) at all Dollarma Stores in Canada Forever and ever and discriminate against the homeless which are more because lots of people have lost their jobs because of the Pandemic. This means that Dollarma only wants to everybody to only use debit or credit to pay at the self checkout and not cash. I have no problem at Shoppers Drug Mart paying with cash at their self checkout because they care about their customers and Dollarma never did in the past or in the present or in the future. Does Dollarma want to go bankrupt? It seems that they do.

Desired outcome: Dollarma at Eastgate Square, Hamilton, Ontario,


Dollarama - Customer service

I encountered an employee on March 12 at 2pm (Indian, just like me. Aged 20-25). She was rude to me. I was waiting in line, she asked me to wait as she thought I cut line or something. Then customer in front of me told her that I was right behind her. After that I tapped my visa card, it got approved. But she told me to wait as if it was declined or something. No customer service at all. No hello, thank you or smile. If you have any attitude problem, plz don't work in customer service job, you are ruining someone's day. I will never come to this store again.

Dollarama - Abusive, discriminatory behaviour by an employee

I went to buy a few items at Dollarama, 4735 Rutherford Rd, unit 102, Nanaimo, BC, V9T 5S5, last night the 9th of Match 2021 and was verbally abused by the ship assistant when I was trying to explain...

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Dollarama - Customer service representative - Dario

Dario called me after leaving 2 messages for Tiago to call back.
Dario was extremely rude, continued to speak over me, cut me off, insinuated that I wanted something that was never verbalized, he was extremely unprofessional, lacked basic customer service skills and refused to provide his supervisors name. I asked for an email detailing the outcome and he had yet to provide it. (please review phone conversation, if recorded)

Desired outcome: Dario called me after leaving 2 messages for Tiago to call back. Dario was extremely rude, continued to speak ov (PLEASE REVIEW PHONE CONVERSATION, IF RECORDED) I deserve an apology and still waiting for the email..

Dollarama - Service

I have a Dollarama in Fort McMurray my wife went there to pick up some items, there today as she made to till to pay for everything there was one item left behind so when my wife made home she...

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Mar 07, 2021

Dollarama - Cashier service

I went few times to dollarama on the weekend where serving by the same korean lady in her mid-50s. There's a long line up at the checkout line and to speed up the scanning process, I thought putting...

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Dollarama - Unethical Behaviour

Date: 5 March 2021
Location: 180 Sandalwood Parkway East

Had a really bad experience with the cashier at this location and we are not the ones who usually complain but this needs to be brought to attention.

An item got double scanned on being pointed out during payment time, the cashier snapped and put it on me saying you kept it at the wrong place and why did I not bring it up in the scanning process. I was taken aback but still politely asked for a refund. In return she snapped back saying "Oh its not that easy, just buy something else". Was taken aback and pointed out we do not need anything else.

Then she rudely said " step aside and then you have to wait. Will see what i can do". After she processed another couple customers, politely asked again if she could now process my refund. She got angry and again said make it easy and buy something. I again pointed out thats not an option. Everyone in the line seemed to agree.

This time she just waved her hand and asked customers in line if someone was paying cash to step up front and an older gentlemen did. She processed his stuff and opened the cash drawer and literally sort of smacked 2$ and change in my hand. Was appalled and disgusted but left.

I can say that again, this was not a question of money but behaviour. If she had been nice, we would have bought the stuff for 2$s or whatever. Instead you just lost a regular customer atleast at that location.

Do sincerely hope you take this into account and drive accountability here. I do understand these are tough times and people have bad days but taking this out to a customer in such a way is very poor attitude.

Would appreciate a response back on [protected]


Dollarama - Denied entry upon presenting badge

Denied entry upon badge presentation Supervisor refused to provide name and name of manager when asked Security told me to leave Supervisor told staff and security to deny me entry should I...

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Dollarama - Breaking workplace protocol.

I am an employee of store 295 in wasaga beach, I witnessed the manager break protocol by giving cash to an employee who is not only not part of the management team but went alone to the bank for rolls of change. To me this is a huge no no, cash is never done alone and part of the management team should always be present. I know I should go to my district manager but the manager Staar makes it a point to tell all of us that she is close to the dm and we dont know how to take that. I am not the only one who day this occurs, the cashier' that worked this morning saw Staar give Janice the money and her leave the store with it, both the manager and Janice have been with the company for several years and should know better.

Desired outcome: I think they should lose their jobs

Dollarama - Regarding an employee

This issue is still going on and nothin is being done about this I was there today to be called a [censored] and a [censored] by kimmy grey an employee to dollarama in the plaza in saint john nb she went to sharon manager of the store asked to leave the store to watch her daughter leave the store not sure why but if thinks continues I will lay charges on her as because I should be able to go into any store and not be harassed by anyone thank you

Dollarama - Service staff

Cynthia who is the assistant manager at the centermall in hamilton ontario is a rude unapproachable representative of your company, and should not be in the position to work in the public, let alone be an assistant manager! I was in the shop today after many rude encounters with her and moved out of her way to be polite and let her pass up the isle, and she rudely told me to get out of the way and follow the arrow which she knew had nothing to do with me going the wrong way she just wanted someone to yell at and make a spectacle out of in front of other customersthen yelled at me to keep going when I turned around and told her I was just being courteous to let her pass this is not the first nor i'm sure it will be the last encounter with this rude ignorant woman who should definitely not be working in any public situation! Your attention to this matter would be greatly appreciated regards lisa jones

Desired outcome: Remove employee

Dollarama - Management

I will most likely be wrongly fired for having severe anxiety and wanting to have more than one job in the workplace. They didn't even let me tell them what the person the hired me had told me all...

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Jan 26, 2021

Dollarama - Unethical behavior

I walked into Dollarama (Trainyards branch) and I saw one of the employees working without a mask. I asked her if she could put on a mask, as this is a threat to everyone's safety. She completely...

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Dollarama - Manager

Manager name called us at the till for having mask not over nose. I work in health care we understand policy. I do not accept being called childess nor my husband. I called back after we left spoke...

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Dec 12, 2020

Dollarama - Management

Management sucks. The manager at the Dollarama in Cambridge at the South Cambridge center should really be looked into regarding her scheduling and the lack of authority towards her hiring of...

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Dollarama - Author # 148197; reference #[protected] [protected] c

Shopping at Dollarama, 300 Earl Grey Drive, Unit a-24, Kanata On, K2T 1B8; NOV 30/2020 @ 13:30... Please I realize there is a lot of stress out there with this pandemic and the economy is struggling...

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Dollarama - Harassment and disrespectful behaviour from dollarama staff

Please accept this letter as our formal complaint related to disrespectful and unwelcoming conduct from Dollarama employees at the Ontario St., Beamsville, Ontario location. On Tuesday, November...

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Dollarama - Staff complaint

Yesterday I walk into a Dollarama store at 7h30pm and there is no one in the store. Litterally I am by myself. I walk into an isle and the staff member tells me I have to follow the arrows. Seriously! I say. I'm by myself in the store. I go to the next isle and make my way back to the isle in the CORRECT direction. I ask her if I'm aloud to move back and forth in the isle if I spot something ? She loses her mind and tells me I have to leave. She tels the cashier that she needs to make sure that I leave. I pay for my stuff and leave. I would like to point out that I totally respect the mask wearing, the hand washing and the follow the arrows. But in this case, it was really a lack of common sense. FYI, stores have all removed the arrows on the floors. Any grocery has more people than this dolarama. I suggest you speak with the manager Sylvie at the store in St-Lazare, Québec. She is the one that was rude and out of line in the treatment I received. Plus, speak to your employees to have some common sense with the clients. Empty, no risk of interaction with anybody. Seriously!

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