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I want to register a complaint on behalf of 3 different customers about a Manager named Mary at your Crenshaw/ 57th location. On Sunday, April 15, 2019, the Dollar Tree at 5710 Crenshaw Blvd., Los Angeles, CA closed approximately 10-15 minutes early and very different from the posted hours. The manager, Mary, was at the door with another man and had the door locked as customers walked up she turned them down saying she wanted close now with no explanation. I saw several customers being turned away when I drove up but couldn't believe it was because she was closing early. Another upset customer outside said she was refusing to open the door as early as 8:45pm. That is ridiculous. I traveled all the way to that 1 Dollar Tree and knew I would make it in time to purchase an item that I really needed. I told Mary that I would be quick and they could still close early with 7-8 minutes to spare. When I asked to speak with the Manager, Mary rudely snapped "No, I am 'the' Manager." I then became more frustrated with her nasty and nonchalant attitude than the fact that she was closing down the business early. I am a longstanding customer and it is not fair to treat me and the other customers that way. If she had a personal reason why she needed to leave early she should have politely explained that, many customers would then understand. She acted as if we were the enemy for just wanting to come in and purchase merchandise.

If this location's policy is to close at 8:45pm then it should be properly posted at that time, and not at 9pm when there is no a sole on the premises or even in the business. Also, Mary needs training on positive customer service.

Apr 15, 2019
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  • Th
      15th of Apr, 2019

    It’s not your business if it’s something personal.

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  • Su
      15th of Apr, 2019

    You don’t have the right to dictate store hours. Maybe their alarm went off. Maybe their computer went offline. If you had to buy there for a buck, you must not have needed it that badly. Their merchandise is available at other stores for more money.

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  • Km
      15th of Apr, 2019

    If a store regularly has an issue with customers coming in the store prior to closing but still shopping after closing, they can institute a policy to start turning customers away 15 minutes early so that by 9pm the customer who came in at 8:45 should be through checkout by 9pm. Your store my have had this issue in the past so given its history this policy was instituted. My store we allow customers to enter all they way up to our closing time of 10pm which is our closing time, so maybe you should blame your fellow shoppers in your area for forcing your store to turn away customers early so they can close on time.

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