Dollar Treeassistant manager

The district manager Todd has been the DM for a little over a year. He transferred AM (assistant manager) from one store to another, because she has personality issues and the first manager wanted her out and banned from the store because of this. AM bullied her and threatened her and the manager then had four slashed tires. So AM (E) was transferred to another dollar tree. E came in like a bull and threatens to call HR every chance she gets. She has bullied two young associates that we're going to be promoted to AM, but mentally starred them down and they quit. Sighting the problem is this AM. Problem, besides against state and federal law (now under staffed). DM is not protecting his manager against this bully. AM does not know her merchandizing management job. AM speaks Rudely and interrupts Manager. Manager has asked AM to leave the store. AM refuses to leave. DM comes into store when Manager is not there, answers calls from AM all the time. HR and Dm hv only been the store once to put this AM in her role. AM does what she wants. Manager now fears for her safety. Other employees have said the atmosphere in the store is so thick when she is there you could cut it with a knife. DM refuses to reinstall cameras in the store. DM says he will do all sorts of stuff but never does. AM has a felony drug trafficking charge. How the hell did she get a job at dollar tree! If this AM is not removed from current store a restraining order will be next. Resolve this issue before it becomes a class action suit.

Oct 01, 2019

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