Dollar Tree Store #7034rude/disrespectful cashier and manager too, locking door @ 10 min. til closing time

D Aug 02, 2018

PLEASE view the surveillance video at register PLZ, before it is erased time/date Wed Aug 1st @ 8:50, Manager had locked door and walked away, saw me coming...I looked at my phone and then asked the ppl standing outside havin just come out the door what time they had, "They said, "They" (workers inside) wanted to close 5 minutes early. The manager unlocked the the door as I stood there staring in, I grabbed 3 items...I began to count out change --the cashier was very very very RUDE RUDe--making disgustin faces at me and my coins as she-just laid it on big register area, I said I was a teacher and down to my last few funds as I laughed, smiled and was happy that I washed the coins with water and vinegar before I brought them because the coins were very really nasty dirty- Cashier Rudely and attitude said YEAH I can Smell it, , and proceed with attitude, rolling her eyes, smacking her mouth in disgusted and acted like she was not going to take it(my counts I counted out and had cleaned), but as her side kick friend manager looked oddly at her, Cashier snarled at me .Cashier said LOUDLY and very MEAN to me, "Ya KNOW THIS STUFF gonna have to go to the bank"!!!---she proceeded to not respond, as she was refusing to put in into her register as though she wasnt goin to take it (PLZ WATCh the surveillance VIDEO) I said serious, what ur not gonna take it...? Cashier crossed her arms at me as though, NO she wasnt as she looked at the manage standing at the door, Casher said, "UM YES YOU Can GO!...I said, where my recept, I'm not leavin without my receipt, ...Cashier grabbed coins forcefully off the silver register place as she throw them into her register, some actually going to the floor, she didnt bother picking them up and slammed the register closed as she handed the receipt I had requested, after, as I mention, she told me "i could GO"!!, , , , , I told her I have never been treated as rudely by an individual---this explanation DOES NOT touch the just of how mean she was--- ...PLZ watch the store surveillance---she handed my receipt to me at 8:53, as 2 other ladies were standing outside wanting in...I will have to call tomorrow to explain fully about the horrid behavior the cashier displayed- (Her name tag said (TIFFANY) but the recipient(sales associate says) Casey.

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