Dollar Treeemployee susan

D Aug 15, 2018

Store number 4713
Visited this store today at about 530 pm I was shopping as I heard a women yell over load speaker that she wanted security to check all aisles immediately. Then I went to get in line an the woman at checkout lanes (Susan) yelled over PA again "Alesha you need to get up to these registers NOW." About 30 seconds later Alesha walked up to register apologing that she had to use restroom. Susan then stated loudly that was unacceptable and that she needed to tell someone n get permission to use restroom. Alesha then said she told someone. Susan yelled again who did u tell "Ice"( another employee) ? Alesha said yes, Susan then proceeded in yelling at her saying "he isn't your boss I am" I was completely in shock. I am a business owner and know you don't talk or treat your employees this way. Especially in front of a store of people. I very see race as an issue, I myself am white, but I truly believe this was a race issue. So if that wasn't bad enough when I finally got up to Susan at the register I had my items in a basket she then told me that I had to remove my items from the basket before she would ring me up. I think my mouth literally dropped. I can not believe how rude, loud, disrespectful, and unprofessional Susan is. I truly believe you should reconsider either her told employment with this company or her position. She definitely needs some human resource and customer service training. I will not frequent this store ever again if she is there. Any questions Danielle King [protected], however emailing would be best way to correspond. Thank you

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