Dollar Treecell phone accessories return burien, wa store


I purchased 2 cell phone charging cords and an axillary cord two days ago. As soon as I opened them and set the seat next to me, my daughter went through and cleaned the trash out of my car. It wasn't until about an hour later that I realized that the accessories that I purchased would not stay plugged into my equipment. When I tried to exchange them I was told absolutely not. Not without the original packaging. Why not, I have the receipt. It's defective and can't be resold anyway. So why? It's [censor]! Makes me feel like i don't ever want to shop there again. Thats insane that I can't exchange just because of packaging. So now I'm just out my money on [censored]off accessories. Thank you very much Dollar Tree. Nice to know that once your customers money is yours your customer no longer matters.

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