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Dollar Rent A Cardodgy charging

Reserved car online with Dollar Rent a Car, Added all relevant information and ticked all boxes. Quoted $ 416 Got to Sanford Airport on 25th Sept told that they would need to add insurance to the quote, the quote came out at $ 1300 dollars. nearly $ 900 for two weeks insurance?

My advice dont use Dollar people are complaining about their tactics all over the sites, see link to trip advisor below for someone else that had the same problem as us. Rip off. and they use pressure tactics to get you to upgrade. Snotty staff with no customer care.

Try Alamo, great service no pressure for car for $ 635 a mid size well maintained car.


  • Br
    BraG66 Sep 24, 2009

    I reserved and prepaid a full size 4 WD to be picked up at Las Vegas airport after a very long plane trip from Europe. When we got to the airport we were charged a 400 dollar drop off fee without being told a word of what was about to happen.

    Then someone brought an smaller car without saying a word hoping we would not notice (probably thinking we are not smart enough to notice).

    Since that is not the car we had paid for and we could not fit our stuff there we said so to the person there. He just simply said too bad, that is what we got, leave it or take it.

    At that point I had two very cranky children on the floor of a garage after a 25 hour non sleeping trip from Europe, but sure, that is also my problem.

    I went to the person who had charged me the 400 dollar fee without "remembering" they did not have my car and she says, too bad, it's your problem, that's what we have. After I complained and complained they said; "go to the terminal and talk to the manager".

    I found the manager and try to explain the situation, only to be interrupted first thing saying she does not want to know anything about my long trip or my family situation. I feel like telling her to forget about me, but since I have no car, I just have to put up with all this REALLY nasty people, since maybe smiling I would get a car . She says that maybe in some hours someone will bring back a car, but they don't know.

    At that point someone comes to her to ask if they should tell all the people standing in line that they have no cars, or should they just tell them one by one. She chooses one by one, I guess since it would be quieter.

    By now I just want a car, anything 4 wheeled where I can fit my luggage, as it looks like we could spend the night at the airport.

    Finally she offers me a damaged car, which I take. The car is over 40, 000 miles, has a very very damaged roof, is dirty inside, and tires have almost no patter that's how wear out they are.

    I have rented with DOLLAR for my last 4 American one month vacation, never having a problem. But that was it. The fact that they had no car was bad enough, but trying to fool us, treating us so rudely, just made it. Bye DOLLAR, I just hope many people find out and take business to more considerate companies, which is what I will do.

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  • Kc
    kcht Jan 06, 2010

    I reserved a full size car online via expedia a couple of weeks before our vacation and when we arrive our reservation was canceled. THey found us a car and the car given to us broke down 4 days into our vacation of 8 days. They told us at 5:00pm that we would have another car in 3 hours and the other car was delivered at 4:00 am!! THe other car was an Econo line that is used as a shuttle from the airport to the dollar office, and had no seat belts! On top of that we were charged more than double what was quoted on our expedia reservation! Horrible rental car company!!

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  • Jh
    Jhall Sep 03, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My husband and I went on vacation to orlando and we parked our car in the gargage where we thought it would be safe. Well GUESS WHAT our car came back damaged and the first thing they ask us is " do you ask for your car to be inspected" ? Why should we do that. We put our trust in them and we get the bad end of the stick. We went into the office to see what WE can do to reslove this issue But all we got was ATTIUDE, RUDENESS and walked away from when we were talking. We have since called a couple of people to see what they can do to help and it seems like no one wants to help or should i say get there hands dirty.We are STILL getting the run around...Call this person, Speak to that person...OR there's nothing we can do about that. Does anyone know what we can do or where we can call? I think DOLLAR RENATL CARE should be responsible for this. had we brought back a car that we rented from them damaged then we would be responsible right!!! So i think they should be responsible for my damage. So please if anyone has information please share that with me. Thanks so much for your help.

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  • Zv
    zvola Apr 26, 2011

    My (car trawler) Reservation Number: US260393560
    My Agent Ref: R4905444

    This is a complaint regarding the Dollar customer service on this occasion.

    I booked a car on-line for one day during my very busy business trip schedule...
    So, I paid the day's rent online which was sweet...
    Upon arrival at Houston airport rental centre, the young sales clark/front person wasn't very helpful other than selling on full fuel tank and 24h toll pass. After a very long flight I wasn't in much mood for discussions (as many people wouldn't)... But than, full tank of petrol for one day hire? Really? It was my first time in Houston, and sales clark should be aware of that from reservation info and passport details.. he didn't bother showing me the (approximate) map where the tollroads are in Houston. This was a business trip, and I was travelling on set routes.. If I was made aware (just a tad) of the tollroads layout, I would've seen that there was no chance I'd be getting even close to them...
    But ok, kudos to the sales clark doing sales job, where he should be doing customer support job...

    The same day I got informewd that one of my meetings will be longer than expected, so I rang the Dollar service desk to inform peple there that I will be returning the car 3-4 hours later than anticipated. I was expecting to pay one extra day, as that is a normal practice...
    The person on the other side of the phone was extremely unhelpful, and in a great hurry to finish the conversation...
    When I returned the car and got the bill I understand why.
    I was billed $184.84 for one day+one extra day (of which i used 3 hours)...
    What the..
    This was the worst car rental service I have ever received. The front personel was duing 'oversales' job not the customer support, the customer support phone line personel was doing the same, and at the end I was served oversized bill...
    I warmly recomend all travellers to avoid this car rental place completely, or at least be very vigilant when accepting and returning the car...
    For a visitor from another continent, I left USA with a very bitter taste in my mouth and a very bad experience... Certainly, that is not how the things should be done...
    Best Regards,
    Zvonko Lazic.

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  • Ke
    kelind Jun 19, 2011
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    Verified customer

    Walked up at Love Field in Dallas and all of the rental car companies were out of cars due to recent hail damage. Dollar agent said he had cars and when I asked him rate with insurances, I received a quote for 135.00 per day. As I planned on keeping the car only two days, I agreed. Agent hurried me through signatures to get me on my way.
    I returned the car a litle more than 1 day later ( 28 hours) and got a shock at my invoice for $443.00. I called the customer service both local and corporate. The 135 was the base rate before insurances and I was charged 26/ hour for the 4 hours past one day.
    Dollar had no concern and basically told me tough luck. I had signed the agreement and given them license to steal, which they readily did.
    Lesson learned on walk up rentals and definitely learned about lesser car rental companies (Dollar).

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  • Ke
    kelind Jun 19, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I would have recommend filing a police report and then having your insurance sue them for the loss.

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  • Om
    Omayer Aug 18, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I rented a sat nav from Dollar rent a car at Orlando Florida for $11.99 per day. After four days the unit failed because of a faulty power cord. I telephoned the Orlando site a the Orlando International Airport so that I would not be charged for the remaining 10 days rental.

    When the sat nav was returned there was a long discussion with the clerk who eventually said that I would not be charged. He folded the paperwork and returned it to me and having accepted his statement that I would not be charged returned to my home in the United Kingdom.

    The subsequent day I checked my credit card on line and dicovered that I had been charged not only for the 10days but also $149 for a replacement power cord which could be bought retail for $20. I want a return of my $266.9 which was taken from my credit card without my permission and an acknowledgement from Dollar that it is not company policy for staff to lie to customers.

    It was obvious that the clerk lied to me because he knew that in two hours I woulod be on a flight back to the United Kingdom.

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  • Er
    Erik Meyer Mar 23, 2012

    A word of caution to everyone, who intends to rent Dollar/Thrifty cars in Germany. Dollar/Thrifty uses a licensee in Germany with very dubious, misleading, deceptive and fraudulent business practices. When you order the car on the Dollar or Thrifty website, you will receive the usual confirmation, which breaks down the rental cost in its subcomponents such as airport fees, VAT, road tax etc. Nothing was mentioned of a mandatory insurance premium of €20 ($28) per day. For every car I ever rented anywhere in the world, the credit card always covered the insurance premium. The AMEX Gold card specifically mentioned this coverage. It was the counter agent at the airport, who insisted on another €400.- ($560.-) insurance premium. It is highly immoral to spring this surprise on customers who just arrived on a sleepless trans-Atlantic overnight flight. This made the car the most expensive car I ever rented.
    In addition, the car had no air conditioning and when I started phoning the agency on the 0700 number supplied on the rental agreement, I was constantly put on hold and transferred to other agents and found out later, why. The 0700 is not toll free number, but costs appr €1.- ($1.35) per minute, an attractive side income for the agency. Should you be in the unfortunate position to have to call the agency for help, use their German direct dial number [protected]. It will still be a long-distance call, but infinitely cheaper than the 0700 number. I spent an additional $50 in calling the agency for help, which I never got. I drove around in an oven for 3 weeks with temperatures of over 30C (85F). It later turned out that the connecting hoses for the A/C on this brand-new car were missing.

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  • Pa
    Pablo A. Ospina D. Apr 29, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Reservation no. [protected]

    My name is Pablo A. Ospina. Last Thursday afternoon I spoke on the phone with one of your agents regarding a situation that occured to me and my wife, when I went to pick up the car.

    According to the reservation cited above, I was supposed to pick up a car on the morning of April 6, 2017 at 2AM at the Dollar counter at Chicago O´Hare. My wife and I arrived at 4AM. I am handicapped, from a defect from birth with my left arm that runs only to the elbow. With my right arm, I have driven cars with automatic shift for the last 20 years, not only in my home country, Colombia, but all over the United States (renting cars from almost all the major companies).

    When the lady atendant looked at me, she was worried because she had never rented a car to a one-arm man.She wondered what a policeman would say if I got stopped. I told her that I had a drivers license, identification and insurance, and if I commited a transit violation, I would have to pay the fine. She went on rambling in her worries because she didn´t know what the laws of the State of Illinois were, regarding if I was allowed to drive, because for her the most important thing was to keep her position.

    She said that she could not authorize the rental until the manager arrived, and that he would decide. The manager arrived at 5:30AM. He asked me 2 or 3 questions with respect to my driving. Two minutes later, he instructed the lady atendant to rent me the car. Even though the lady atendant was instructed to rent me the car, she continued to hassle me. She said that the Illinois taxes and the fuel tax were not included in the voucher, even though the voucher indicated total coverage. She said the voucher was in spanish, and that she didn´t understand the language. She found the reservation in her computer, and I´m sure it was in English.

    Finally, she asked me for the address where I was going to stay in the Chicago area, When I gave the address of the friends I was visiting in a Chicago suburb, she concluded that we were citizens of the United States and residents of the State of Illinois, and therefore, that voucher was invalid. We showed her our Colombian passport, our Colombian Drivers License, and our local Colombian identification. She insisted on her reasoning, called the manager, and at that point, that manager, decided that he could not allow the rental.

    With this situation I had no choice but to go a block away, with all our bags, and less than 10 minutes later we were sitting in an Avis car.

    In this case, what I conclude is that I was dealing with two absolutely incompetent employees, who decided to discriminate against me, due to my handicap. The manager wrote a note saying that due to local policies, they could not allow the rental, saying that you should refund me. He attached his business card. I am scaning those and attaching them to this mail.

    I will be writing a complaint to Dollar rent-a-car, explaining my case of absolute discrimination. I require a full refund for what I paid.

    Please respond promptly.
    With kind regards,

    Pablo A. Ospina

    Tels. [protected] office, [protected] home, Magic Jack No. Colombia (at home) [protected]


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  • Ma
    markeri May 27, 2012

    My 70 year old fathers flight was canceled out of JAX due to TS Beryl and had originally planned to return his rental car to JAX, but wants to drive to meet his connecting flight in ATL. In order to drop off the rental in ATL, he would have to pay a $163 drop fee. A drop fee was disclosed, but no amount or limits were given. I went online to try and change the drop off location, and the site would not let me. However if I were to drop off the car, and re-rent it in less than 5 minutes, it would cost $12. He called to talk to someone who hung up on him instead of transferring, but that happens occasionally. He called back and was told that there was nothing that could be done to waive the drop fee. I called and asked to speak to a supervisor regarding the fact that there was a Tropical Storm hitting, if anything could be done. A supervisor was not available but I was asked for my number and one would call me back. An hour later, I called to talk to a supervisor and once one got on the line I was told that the system has a contract listed and his contract includes a drop fee. I explained the circumstances and was told it could not be waived. I explained how I could rent a car for $12, she told me that is what we would have to do. In the middle of a tropical storm, drive to the airport, where no one is currently staffed, to drop off a car, re-rent it to save $150! I will tell everyone I can about this ridiculous company and will be sure to never rent from them again!

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  • 4g
    4geninfo Feb 28, 2013

    On February 16, 2017, Dollar Rent A Car at the Fort Myers, FL Airport (RSW) refused to honor my confirmed reservation for a vehicle. [After booking my reservation through the BookingGroup, I received a written confirmation and a reservation number from both Dollar Rent A Car and the BookingGroup.] When I arrived to pick up my vehicle, I provided my confirmation notices and the Dollar representative refused to honor my confirmed reservation. She charged me $490.55 instead of the $220.01 confirmed rental cost that was supposed to be payable upon my arrival. I needed a vehicle to get to my vacation on Sanibel Island so I had no choice in the matter. In addition to very poor customer service, Dollar Rent A Car appears to now be engaging in 'Bait & Switch' business practice. BUYER BEWARE!!!

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  • Sa
    sawalker68 Apr 09, 2013

    I left a bag/piece of luggage in the shuttle bus when I picked up my car after parking for the week. I called them a couple days later, and they shipped it to me through UPS. I paid for it, and it showed up on my Visa bill. However, 3 weeks later I still haven't received it. They are giving me the run around, and will not give me the tracking number or the number for UPS. I have been talking to them about this for the last two days, and apparently only one girl has this information, but they can't get a hold of her. The manager can't even help me. I am very frustrated, and I have spent a lot of money on long distance calls trying to get this resolved.

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