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I recently took their on-line “survey” and consider such a survey a joke as only one question was used. The question concerned about the satisfaction I felt while shopping at your establishment. A survey that includes only one question does not supply you with a large enough population to accurately measure results with any certainty.
While I was checking out, the cashier asked me to donate to the Literacy Fund with some of my loose change. Who are they attempting to con here, I just checked their web-site and there is nothing supported within 25 miles of my community concerning any type of Literacy Program Grant from Dollar General Stores. The stores were founded in 1939 by Cal Turner in Scottsville, Kentucky. Turner was illiterate and later created a Literacy Fund which helps people learn to read; the fund is supposed to donate computers and books to local schools and libraries.
I suggested that instead of asking for more donations from areas that they do not support, that they support the communities that do support the Literacy Fund such as mine. I do not feel that I should support other communities as I keep my purchases within my local community and do not make donations to be used in other areas.

This is apparently a corporate initiative that the we the consumer is supposed to support. Dollar General Corporate does not support all local areas as evidenced by their 2009 Dollar General Literacy Foundation Adult and Family Literacy Grant Recipients report. So the next time I am asked for loose change at the check out process I will lay my purchase down and demand a refund due to their inflexible corporate policies concerning the generosity of their customers. I reminded them not forget the current economy is tight and the donations that they grew to rely on in the past are shrinking, and that they get used to this current economic situation and deal with the economic pressures exerted on everyone.

Dollar General should be grateful that some people actually do donate to this program. I strongly suggested that a sign on the collection container would meet their requirements much better as most do not like to be asked to donate and will leave without leaving anything, but a silent request made by a sign can gather more donations than the cashiers requesting donations from every customer, thereby slowing down the checkout process making other customers dissatisfied with the checkout process. I also suggested that they re-write their corporate policy on this, as the current corporate policy and practice is severely lacking in actual practice by the local manger at the Dollar General.

In closing I expect to see revisions to this policy within the next few weeks or my patronage at the local Dollar General will cease. I really doubt that they really care but who knows maybe this complaint can make a difference.


  • Ky
    kyletta Feb 13, 2014

    Being a manager at Dollar General, these people that have posted about basket size are correct. Management does get fussed at for not having enough Literacy at the end of the week. The basket size is their indicator of people who are "sliding" merchandise, but with that said honest employees are fired because of it. When people have returns, it causes it to drop and when we have voids where people change their minds it drops the basket size. When these things happen it does cause a chain reaction, because as a manager anything over $5.00 we have to review on video to document what exactly happened with that transaction and ensure merchandise was put back on the sales floor if customer did not want. For example, you work four shifts in a week and for 50% of those shifts you did not meet the store basket size and you were more than 50 cents below the store average basket then you get your coaching. It stays with you for three months, you keep getting them they say it is a sign of employees stealing and therefore you are written or coached out of the store. Upper level management harasses each store for the amount they have in their "fund", I do agree however this person who asked why you wouldn't donate is really unprofessional and should be addressed by store management. That was crazy, if some one had told me this had occurred in my store there would have been action taken. Managers do not always know what is going on with their part time people or even their other managers unless someone notifies us.

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  • St
    Starkville,MS Nov 02, 2013

    I live in Starkville, Mississippi where we have 4 Dollar General Stores. I am contemplating never shopping at Dollar General again due being repeatedly harassed by Dollar General employees about donating to this ridiculous literacy fund. I usually shop at the store located at 616 University Square Plaza, which is the location nearest my house. At this particular store, the "literacy fund" boxes have no signs on them. The managers and cashiers are ever quick to ask for donations. I have asked them, including the manager, what this fund was for, where the money went, and did it help anybody locally. None of them could answer this, so I stopping putting money in there. Despite knowing who I am, the same cashiers continue to harass me about it. Very annoying. Recently, a new employee, a middle-aged, shaved headed, tattooed fellow, asked me for a donation. I said no. He then asked me why not. Not really any of his business., but I said that nobody had ever given me a satisfactory explanation about what the fund was for. He then told me it was for literacy. I said, yeah, but what does that really mean. He then defined literacy for me. He said, "literacy is the ability to read". I said, yes, I understand that, but what does that mean here. He again defined the word. I was not getting through to him. At this point, the employee was angry at me and behaving aggressively. Meanwhile, the people in line were having to wait. I just wanted to get the hell out of there. Then he commented that it was for children, so they could read. I said, "don't most kids go to school?". I walked out the door as he was still angrily talking to me. Good gosh, customer service is bad enough in this country without being harassed by checkout clerks about donating to funds that are not even labeled, and about which they don't even know what the funds are for. If this is really a company wide policy of Dollar General, then they should consider changing it.

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  • Mr
    MRS.STEVE BROWN Apr 01, 2013

    I went into a DG Market, in Antioch, TN. There was a tip jar at each register. I understand the concept of tips, when i'm at a restaurant, but at the Grocery Store, where it's supposed to be a cheaper place to shop. Just wanted someone else's opinion. It threw me off when I seen it.

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  • Up
    upsetandwantssomethingdoneaboutit Feb 14, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    There is no excuse for bad employees in this day when so many need jobs that employers have a large choice to pick from. This is the basic email to a district manager with just the frame of what happened to me today. I hope this message is reaching someone who can take care of this matter. I went in to the store near my home today where I have shopped since moving here in August, as always with my vested medical alert service dog at my side to be attacked by an employee. I say attacked because I have dealt with many rude or untrained employees regarding my dog in the past and have always been able to calm the situation and educate them in an adult manner before this incident. I have had enough time learning to do this since I was injured in 2001 at the Pentagon 911 attack search and rescue mission. I use a German shepherd who is well trained, well behaved, and committed no wrong doing in the store. I did not know while there she is actually the manager. I even asked for a manager to which she still had not identified herself nor offered the information.
    I went into the store with a cart, went to the kitchen supplies and got a cheese grater, I turned into the next aisle over Jennifer appeared at a run to the other end of the aisle and screamed down at me is that a real service dog. I said yes, he is my medical alter dog and I turned him sideways so that she could see his vest patch. She then said anyone can get a vest and that she has to protect her customers from a large vicious breed like mine!! German shepherds have been service dogs since the beginning of the program. I would rather speak in person or phone with you further as I understand this goes to your black berry and I am unsure how long to make this with the rest. I also offered her a website on how to handle asking about service dogs to which she claimed this is how dollar general trains their employees again not identifying herself as a manager. I was so upset I did not get her name and had my son call there when I returned home after getting my groceries next door at the food lion where as usual I had zero issues with having my service dog along in a GROCERY store. Anyhow when my son was speaking to her she then identified herself as manager because he asked for a managers information. I would like to discuss and resolve the matter before taking steps turning it over to the Americans with Disabilities office for them to handle. I do understand people abuse it and I am actually one of the people fighting for stricter laws regarding true service dogs. I tried to speak with this person and she did not wish to hear it. I tried to educate her and help her and her only reply was, she did not have Internet access... I even apologised for saying yes he is a service dog in what she called a rude manner trying to defuse her and get her to discuss rationally, but she refused to act like a manager and leader of her crew in a professional manner. Customers even walked out and she followed me to the front of the store when I left my cart and decided to leave because she was still yelling at me. If my dog were aggressive and ill behaved, he would have at least barked at someone yelling at me would he not? I felt degraded and attacked she did not approach and ask me questions in person rather then yelling it across the store embarrassing me in front of all customers at a busy lunch time crowd. She essentially broke every single federal law regarding service dogs set federally bu the Americans with disabilities act.

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  • An
    Anonymouse11 Jan 30, 2012

    One of you said, "at least the money is used for what they say its for". It's not. I am currently a cashier at my local DG, and have been for the past year and a half. I have seen on NUMEROUS occasions, money from literacy be used to cover up employee mistakes. Some nights, the drawers were counted and the cashiers' drawers were short. To compensate, the store's managers would TAKE MONEY FROM THE LITERACY FUND to balance the cashiers' money. Dollar General is a corporation based largely on lies - shop elsewhere!

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  • Mo
    mollie dailey Jul 20, 2011

    I have tried to get in touch with you in regards to a fund raiser for my uncle.He has cancer and no insurance.We are going to have a dinner for him and need help with supplies/donations.I'm in your store each day and spend alot of money there.Is there any way you could help my family out? I dont have a computer but you could let Angela orKathy know at your flemingsburg kentucky store.Antthing would be greatly apreciated. Theres not much tjme left the doctors only givie him 3monthes.This is not a scam-the fleming co employees know me and they know we need help. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME, MOLLIE DAILEY

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  • Se
    secrets030187 Feb 13, 2011

    i agree with toooldforitall. everyone please stop being babies. If you dont want to donate then dont donate, stop crying about it. jeez

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  • Cj
    Cjs1029 Jan 05, 2020
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @Laurie11 I just now seen the same thing on my receipt. I have never been asked if I wanted to donate.

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  • La
    Laurie11 Oct 03, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @secrets030187 Except I wasn't asked to donate. When I left the store and checked my receipt there was an item labeled literacy donation that I had not agreed to.

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  • St
    stumpsterr Jun 23, 2010

    I am a Dollar General Employee. We are required to ask for Donations to our Literacy Fund. It is used to help people learn to read, write, and to supply libraries and schools with computers and books. All of our Donations are deposited into a bank account and checks are wrote to those in need. Therfore all donations ARE sent to people in need, nationwide. Thank you.

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  • Ld
    LDH1 Dec 15, 2019

    @stumpsterr nationwide is good but when you live in a small town and the people of the community shop there day in and day out the store should be giving back to that particular community. Just saying!

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  • Mr
    mrforever Apr 15, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I Completely agree with everything you had to say in this column. The survey is a joke and so is Dollar General. I am all for giving, but I personally don't like to be begged especially when I am shopping for already to expensive things. I am trying to teach my children what is right helping out others and being kind etc., but I find this task difficult when I manage a store for a corporation that is based solely on greed. In response to getting asked everytime you shop, as I do not agree with this policy and do not inforce it whole heartedly in my store I can say what our company does for us if we do not ask. According to our Dollar General handbook. It is mandatory that we ask if we get caught not asking we face automatic termination. Which I feel is crap! Get caught stealing from Dollar General and you can sit on your bum for 4 years and eat up unemployment, but get caught not begging for money your out of here. Is there something wrong with this picture? I most certainly think so. Also district managers have one upped the Dollar General policy, now we don't have to just beg for spare change, but we must obtain $50.00 or more aweek. THAT''S RIGHT there is a price on good will!!! In conclusion I do not blame you for not wanting to donate outside your community, Lord knows the goverment does enough of that. I applaud you for speaking out I feel more should do this to these corporate tycoons put them in there place they need to realize, as you said, times are tough and Lord knows we need all the help we can get. :)

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  • To
    too_oldforitall Feb 03, 2010

    Oh, good idea. Take it out on the minimum wage cashier. And that comment about the store manager. What in the world makes you think a simple store manager has any input concerning company policy ?
    Dollar General was sold by it's originator a long time ago.
    You probably do not know that DG has what they call a ''basket size''. Cashiers are required to attempt to make customers buy more to increase the individual sale amount. If they do not make the average amount set for them on charts in the breakroom/store dump site they are given oral warnings, written warnings and eventually fired. So the child that comes in for a 10 cent candy can get a cashier fired if it happens more than a few times a shift. Then there is the speech they have to give about the customer connection the store is rated on, based on the number of customers who complete store surveys. Add cleaning nasty bathrooms, irate customers who did not notice the "starting at" on the price marked shelf headers who demand the $2.98 item for a dollar, the policy of having greet each customer with eye contact and a happy smile, while working with outdated registers and scanners that are difficult for the customer and the cashier and answering the phone for the customers that want price checks and availability information before they come to shop. But do not slow down, cashier. There is scan time you can get in trouble for..The "return" you speak of.. now she has to void the sale and hand record it on a clipboard holding up the other customers. Then a lul in check outs? go put out stock that is incorrectly labeled at times and in a new place in the store because DG wants things moved constantly from one area to another. Watch the counter for customers while you do that.. oh and sweep up, mop, dust, put back all the items the customers leave at the checkout. All this - all at once. Oh and do not use too many of the flimsy bags.
    Come to think of it, you may as well take it out on the underpaid cashier. Dollar General sure does.

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  • Dg
    Dgemployee01 Oct 04, 2009

    The cashiers are supposed to ask the customers, its policy. At least the donations are actually being used for what they say it is. It may not be "local" but its still going to a good cause. That is just ridiculous to return your purchase because the cashier asks you to donate, just do not shop there at all if that is how want to be.

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