Diversified Collection Services Complaints & Reviews

Diversified Collection Services / unverifiable state tax debt

Sep 15, 2012

Received a computer-generated debt notice dated July 26, 2012. Name and address had been pasted into the heading block and name on the salutation line. Notice was for an unspecified tax debt to a state I had not lived in since 2005. I have never received any form of notice from the state...

DCS, Diversified Collection Services, Inc / student loan collection

Feb 16, 2012

I received a letter from DCS dated on 02-02-12 but wasn't post marked until the 8th. The letter stated they were responsible for collecting the debt owed from a student loan. In the body of the letter they stated "We will hold your account to give you the opportunity to settle thi...

Diversified Collection Services / misleading, untruthful

Dec 27, 2011

This company began calling my home in Oct-2011. The asserted that they had been contracted by the US Government to collect on a past due student loan, in the EXACT amount of 7000.00, from loan originator ITT. I was already in a debt consolidation/repayment program with a different company...

Diversified Collection Services / illegal harassment

Nov 25, 2011

I have been repeatedly contacted by representatives of DCS regarding a supposed debt that they are trying to collect from me. My wife and I filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy two years ago, due to the downturn in the construction industry. My business had a $20, 000 credit line of which we...

Diversified Collections Services inc / garnishment of wages

Nov 22, 2011

This company refuses to answer my phone calls regarding my account. They have garnished my pay for 5 years waited 25 years on a loan of 5000.00/ Will not provide account balance as requested, now I am homeless, , no car, need to know where to file in court They have been paid 10 times over the amount and I need HELP{

Diversified Collection Services / very shady

Jun 17, 2011

I will admit to having deliquency loans with Sallie Mae. I started dealing with a company this month called Allied Collection Service but have been in contact with them since January for a easy way to pay my loan off, yes I have some complaints on them but my biggest confusion is with DCS...

Diversified Collection Services / attorneys not licensed to practice

Jun 14, 2011

Dcs and any and all other attorneys only have licenses to practice law in the supreme court and appellate courts of their licensing states, they cannot practice law in any city, county, district, or federal court. Ask any attorney for their license to practice law, venue and jurisdiction...

Diversified Collection Services,Inc-Victoria Campbell- ph:5419557738 / student loans not deferred as requested

Jun 06, 2011

Great Lakes Higher Education Guaranty Corporation Wells Fargo EFS Account No: [protected] I, Toy Laster, do attest that i work for a 501(c)(3) organization that is tax exempt and i have been employed with the charity since 2002. I am a certified teacher. I got the loans to become a licensed...

Diversified Collection Services / diversified collection services are an abusive scam company

Mar 28, 2011

Diversified collection services are an abusive scam company. They contacted me about an overdue student loan. Jen Decker told me my paycheck would be garnished this week unless I joined a repayment option/opportunity. I wanted to pay the loan more than I wanted my check garnished so I gave...

DCS Diversified Collection Services, Inc. / rude, disrespectful and unprofessional customer service

Feb 23, 2011

I had a collector from this agency who handles my case, whose name is Kody Myers. I have to say that he is the rudest and the most disrespectful person I have ever dealt with. I know that I owe a debt and that I had to pay which I was willing and actually made a payment agreement with the...

Diversified Collection Services / non-existent virginia tax debt

Jan 26, 2011

The first I heard from this outfit, they called my elderly mother late in the evening and just about scared her to death, by telling her that it was an emergency and they needed to get ahold of me immediately. She gave them my phone number, which isn't unlisted by the way, I have know...

Diversified Collections / invalid collections


I have been making diligent payments on my student loans for over a year. I authorized the Iowa College Aid Commission to debit my payments automatically from my bank account. Recently the State of Iowa turned over all of their loans to Diversified Collections due to government employee...

Diversified Collection Services / abusive practices & violation of the law


This company is calling neighbors on my block. This is in clear violation of the law. I had a neighbor, who I do not know, come to my house with a name and number of a person to call. Come to find out, it is a scavenger bill collector named Aaron Marks from Diversified Collection Service...

Diversified Collection Services / telephone harrassment


After 4 years of paying off my student loans thru court d/t permanent disability, I am now being harrassed by this collection agency again. It seems my old bill went from one state to the other, and now the new collection department has different people calling me up on my husband'...

Diversified Collection Services / defaulted school loans


My name is Colleen F. I am having a very hard time with DCS due to the fact that my school loan account was turned over to them. About 18 months ago, I became homeless with my family (3 daughters, son, and 2 wk old granddaughter). I was living shelter to shelter, and had no means of a...

Diversified Collection Services-Georgia / phone calls at work


I have been receiving harrasing phone calls at my job from a woman named Lisa at this company. I had a car accident over a year ago at no fault of my own and thought that these medical bills were paid by the other party. I explained this situation to her and advised that i needed to find...

Diversified Collection Services / miss leading actions/misrepresentation


I received a letter from this company stating that I owed a delinquent debt from the State of Louisiana Department of revenue. The letter looked official enough so I call them and spoke with Alyssa @ ext 3710. I must admin that it did cross my mind that I could have messed up something on...

Diversified Collection Systems / jessica valim


Jassica Valim Calls me Tuesday and tells me I have to pay $3200.00 on Wednesday to avoid ruining my credit and avoiding liens on my property just like many others that complained about this same woman she is rude and unprofessional. I tried explaining it was near impossible to spring up...

Diversified Collection Services / loan collection


DIVERSIFIED COLLECTION SERVICES IS AN ABUSIVE SCAM COMPANY. They contacted me about an overdue student loan. Jen Decker told me my paycheck would be garnished this week unless I joined a repayment option/opportunity. I wanted to pay the loan more than I wanted my check garnished so I gave...

Diversified Collection Services, Inc. / misleading/false statements


While attempting to make payment arrangements on 10/16/2009 Amy Sparks informed me that my initial payment of $300 had been approved by her "managers". After securing permission from a family member to use their account for the bank draft I called Ms. Sparks back on 10/17/2009. At thi...

Diversified Collection Services / misleading informtaion/unproffesional service


I have been behind on school loans for a few years.I received a letters from Diversified Collection Services explaining i needed to set up payment arrangement sent me letters and called me repeatedly harassing me about paying them.They repeatedly called me until a employee named Bob Miller...

Diversified Collection Serviced / unfair debt collection practices


I was first contacted by Victoria Campbell who is at [protected] ext: 7738. She told my account was in default and she would help me to do a student loan rehabilitation for which I was grateful. The deal was I needed to pay first $600 down and I told her i didn't have any money to put...

DCS / Diversified Collection Services / harrassment/collection a scam


DCS is a scam. I was in a car accident a few years ago. I am permantley disabled and recieve SSA. Due to the rules of my insurance certain bills had to be paid by nationwide or the party that caused the accident. Well things didn't happen the way they were supposed to. I worked out a...

Diversified Collection Services / harrassment of neighbors


Leah at [protected] x 3743 harrasses neighbors, family members, and threatens me to pay a debt that is not mine. I grew up in a town with three girls with the same exact name and now this person Leah feels that it is ok to call everyone in my hometown and now in my new neighborhood, because...

Diversified Collection Services / harassing misleading phone calls


April from this company just called and didn't tell us who she was where she was calling from. She said she wanted a personal reference. This company has v=called many times before trying to locate a woman who worked for us 15 years ago! Philip Herman apparently was given as a...

Diversified Collection Services / taking tax refund


DCS took my tax refund last year and are trying to do it again this year. I would gladly pay my student loan back if I was able to afford it. I have a documented chronic disease and have been on chemotherapy for over 2 years. I am still working, but my health care expenses are 50% of my...

Diversified Collection Services / no one will call you back


I have called this company over 30x's no return call. They want offset my taxes but have not given me the right to speak with someone and pay the debt. They send you to voicemails all day, and the customer services is nasty.

Diversified Collection Services / awful company


I could not believe the gall of these people. They contacted me several weeks ago by letter, how they got my address I don't know---but I've disputed how much they say I owe on my student loans and have yet to hear back with any proof about that. Then today the lady I am...

Diversified Collection Services, Inc. (DCS) / harassing phone calls


My friend and I are academic tutors, and recently I put up a website for our services. It's basically a page with profiles of me and a few of my friends who do tutoring. Each page contains a short bio of the person and his or her contact information. Well one of them, let's say...

DCS (Diversified Collection Services, Inc.) / harrashing


Dwayne, Could you please be more specific? I have dealt with this agency and complained about their techniques to no avail. I even complained to my Congresswoman, and I got a copy of a reply from a government agency saying they looked into the matter and could not find any evidence of...

Diversified Collection Services / abusive and deceitful collection

I have been having problems with Alice Truman concerning a student loan my daughter fell behind on. Ms. Truman coerced her into signing a contract to pay 50.00 a month to prevent her taxes from being offset. Her taxes are being offset anyway. I am on the account as daughter'...