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account with lvnv funding llc

To Whom it May Concern:
I opened an account with Windstream Communications, Inc. in 2010 with the agreement being $48. a month after installation fees. The first bill was for $88.. I called and cancelled the account. I received another bill for $88. for the following month. I called again and the statements stopped. LVNV Funding LLC took over the account and started sending bills. The increased the bill to 340. and changed the original date to 10/2012. The bill has been taken off my credit as of 5/2017. Now Capital Management Services is starting to reinstate the debt. I have called them this afternoon at 2:24 pm and informed them not to call me and that I will not pay them anything. It was on a recorded phone call. I received a letter stating that unless I responded within 30 days they will make this bill active again. The letter was dated 2/3/2018. I am responding now. Thank you Cinda Healer

account with lvnv funding llc

Collecting money attempt

Honestly, you can read all the other complaints about these group of companies and all complaints will be almost the same!!

I also tried to contact them using the website they gave me and it was not valid.

They are a scam..!
Employee's banks are related with them. Passing information and probably getting fees for their personal benefit!!

I got their letter after less than a week of my application for a new credit card with wells fargo bank and the agent named mayra took all my information.
Clearly my information was transferred to someone else etc...

Sorry but this is causing me great damage to my name and also trying to get money for someone else...

Constantly trying to withdraw from my account

These people keep trying to withdraw from my account.They have done it several times and over drew my account by almost $200.00.With bank fees and return check fees.That they used an electronic check of their on numbers.Been using same one for at least month.I am only on disability and with what they are doing it is impossible to pay my rent or other bills or get my necessary medications.

Resolved Trying to collect on debts well past statute of limitations.

I received two letters from these knuckleheads today, one addressed to me in my married name and one in my maiden name, two different accounts. Now, I have not used my maiden name for over 20 years! Obviously it is well past the statute of limitations for collecting. As for the letter in my married name, same deal, well past the statute of limitations. If they think they are going to scare me into paying them money that some company that is no longer in business wrote off YEARS AGO, they can think again. I am definitely going to answer them within their 30 days and they better leave me alone after that!

  • Ev
    evilmonkey Sep 10, 2011

    do not contact them. just let dead dogs ly.
    the sol time has passed, but if you aree you did owe the money it can restart the timne and they can then sue.

    got one today, said " owe $1987.78 but we'll settle for $65.50 ..." lol, it's 20+ years old and was 250.00 that was disputed

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Resolved Collection Notice

Letter states that I owe 1089.66 but will settle for 544.83 . Says previous creditor was Household Bank which...

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Resolved ? past due bill

I received a letter today, 2/10/2011, from Capital Management Services. It states I owe $591.19, but they are...

Resolved calling family and friends, very rude

There is a person by the name of Anthony that calls my son all the time. He calls him at work. He calls my ex daughter in-law. Today he called a lady I have not seen or talked to for 11 years and she lives in AZ. I had a Juniper credit card and things got slow for me. I made payments but the credited them late and charged a late fee. I am 75 years old. I lost my home to foreclosure, I lost my car and I do not have a job anymore. I get a small social security check and it is not enough to pay rent, utilities and buy food. I do not have a phone. I recieve letters from this company so they have my address. They say I owe 1642.75 and my credit card was for less than half that much and it was not completely used up. This Anthony called my son Friday July 2 and again today the 6th. He has been calling for a long time and he keeps it up every couple of days.


Capital Management Services has been harrassing my mother for over 5 years. She has told them I do not live...

Resolved Debt Collection

I just wanted to say I have never dealt with such rude people!! I tried settling a debt and they were very rude saying " how come you don't pay your bills?" I shouldn't feel guilty about paying a debt if I'm willing to pay them. I trying setting up a date to settle my debt, the letter I got said I had 45 days to settle for the discounted amount. I them told them I could pay them on a date this month, they were not willing to work with me. I then asked why? The "Manager" said "wow you want to wait the full 45 days don't you have a job? I can't believe how rude these people are, he hung up on me when I told that was the date I could have the money. I can't believe these people are actually in business!! I mistakenly gave them my phone number, I called them back and said please take me off your call list and the women said " NO, send us a letter" and hung up!

  • Do
    Dolores Berroth Jan 12, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    this company is so crooked...I was trying to settled a debt with them and dealing with Chelsey Leader...after making arrangements it is impossible to get ahold of not work with these people they are not legitimate...they should be arrested...

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Resolved rude and disrespectful

This company calls my fiancée at all hours of the morning and disrespects her in the worst way by telling her she's "emotional" my fiancée has post traumatic stress disorder so its already hard going through a normal day without breaking down she's showed she is strong by dealing with this agency but every week she sees a counselor and this does not help with her recovery.

Resolved False Billing

The same as other comments we have read. They do not use the correct name and or account # to reference, but...

Resolved Very rude representatives

These people are one of the ABSOLUTE WORST collection agencies! Originally, I had called two weeks before the...

Resolved collection

I have a collection letter for an account aquired under my ex-husbands name from over eleven years ago. I do...

Resolved trying to collect on behalf of a company I have never dealt with

After receiving a suspicious looking letter from this company claiming they were trying to collect a debt for...

passed on settled account to other collection agencys

I settled a debt with capital mangement services in november 2004, for almost half of debt, they offered to...

Resolved Fraud

We called a number about a car debt that we actually owe, thinking it was a company that we had previously...

Identity Theft

I recieved a letter stating that I owed them money. I know that I do not owe anyone money and then they asked for my SSN!

  • Je
    jenn Oct 15, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    One would think they would already have *a* SSN, yours or not, if the debt had any validity. Maybe they are fishing? As in - maybe you have a similar name to the actual debtor? In any case, the inquiry seems highly questionable to me. Seeing as how they contacted you and you have no idea what they're referring to, I certainly wouldn't provide that information.

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  • He
    Here in TN Mar 11, 2009

    Hope you have resolved issue with these people ... I chose not to respond to the letter that I received from them but went straight to the debtor they said that I owed and bingo ... SCAM.. fish anyone!? Really this stinks like day old fish ... may they all rot in hell for what they are doing to others. I googled their phone number and then name ... bingo ... the list of complaints about them date back for years ... I spent some time on the phone with the people they said i owed ... they were interested to get ALL the info I had on them and will be looking into their fraudulate activities.

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Resolved Terrible experience!

This company is harassing me saying I owe them money or I owe 'someone' money by the name of Arrow...