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misleading informtaion/unproffesional service

I have been behind on school loans for a few years.I received a letters from Diversified Collection Services explaining i needed to set up payment arrangement sent me letters and called me repeatedly harassing me about paying them.They repeatedly called me until a employee named Bob Miller tricked me into agreeing $90 a month so my account wouldn't go into default to where the government would take my yearly income tax refund. I explained to them several times that the choices they were giving me to pay them were not under my standards and my ability to pay. I'm a single mother trying to pay my bills on time and they wouldn't understand that. They wanted too much money down which i could not afford to pay.I then recieved a letter from The U.S. Department Of Eduction stating to give them a call to work out the debt. I then spoke to an agent named Jose that was willing t0 help me out in my situation. He offered to send me a Financial Status Statement application to help me with a better plan to start paying my loans off directly to them and not the collection agency. He suggested that i call them and cancel any type of payment arrangement with them. I called diversified collection agency to cancel monthly payments and a very unfriendly agent named Tony Cardozo would not assist me to cancel payments. He was underestimating my intelligence and basically saying that i did not talk to the U.S. Department of Education.Well they were all lies and they were deceitful too. This is not a company to be trusted what so ever.

  • Ms
    Ms. Necole Jan 05, 2010

    I have been disputing an old Sprint bill & previous account for years that is now showing on my Credit report. I contacted Diversifed and reached Mr. Hunt ph#866-642-0302 who was VERY rude as soon as he answered the call. Mr Hunt contnued to talk over me and threatened legal action against me but when I was allowed an opportunity to speak he would cut me off and tell me how I was trying to get out of paying this delinquent account because I was asking to receive a copy of my payment/billing history on this account. I advised him that I believe I owe something on the Sprint bill but that I was questioning the amount requested. When he continued to be rude, I requested to speak with a Supervisor because I was tired of going back and forth with him. It was at this point that he decides to hang up on me.

    If a collection agency buys our delinquent account, are we not allowed to request a copy of our account history if we want to dispute the amount being requested?

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  • St
    stasingle Aug 06, 2012

    I am in the same situation with DCS. I received a call from them (not a letter) about my student loans. I was weeks out of a bankruptcy and in no position to make payments. Needless to say, I was told that they would accept nothing less than $436/mo. Now I am not working and missed a payment and I got a call today. The rep. laughed twice and told me "what does that have to do with your student loans." I hung up on him and his nasty attitude. Please forward me the number for the Department of Education so that I can see if I can make arrangements with them.

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unfair debt collection practices

I was first contacted by Victoria Campbell who is at [protected] ext: 7738. She told my account was in default and she would help me to do a student loan rehabilitation for which I was grateful. The deal was I needed to pay first $600 down and I told her i didn't have any money to put down. She then offered me $400 down and $137 a month. I only have $50 a month left after my bills are paid so there was no way I could agree to it. She told me to think about it and call her with my bank account info and they would start me off with only what I could afford. I said ok and gave her my information to debit my account for the $40 a month initially. 2 weeks later she called back irate stating my payment for $400 did not go through. I told her it wouldn't because I never have that much money. She told me I lied to her and I was trying to hide assets and income and that I was being sued for wage garnishment. I tried to ask her several times for a copy of the original loan information so I could understand my charges and interest rate and she said it's not her responsibility to provide them and I no longer had a right to see them. I contacted the Department of Education and was told they had not decided whether or not to pursue wage garnishment against me. I received a call on Saturday August 15 from Victoria again stating she was sick of my lies and that I was being sued and then she hung up on me. I have explained countless times to her that I only make $1200 a month full time and my bills are $1148 a month so there is no way I can give them more money.

  • Jd
    JDMilton Oct 24, 2012

    I was also contacted by DCS and I also cannot afford the big payments they are demanding. They have told me they will file to also garnish my wages. I quit taking their calls because I am an adult and will not be treated as a child. They like trying to talk down to people. They are now harassing my brother and I did not give them his number. Something needs to be done to put these folks in check.

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  • Th
    thisman Nov 01, 2012

    Let's look at these two calls and see how many lies or illegalities were committed by CA. Remember each is worth $1000, kaching!
    "she would help me to do a student loan rehabilitation for which I was grateful."

    How to tell if a debt collector is lying? Ez. If the mouth is moving they are lying. You want proof?
    "I said ok and gave her my information to debit my account for the $40 a month initially. 2 weeks later she called back irate stating my payment for $400 did not go through."

    Here's another lie
    "and that I was being sued for wage garnishment."

    and this one is illegal and worth kaching to you if you can prove it to a judge. So always record all your calls.

    "I tried to ask her several times for a copy of the original loan information so I could understand my charges and interest rate..."
    Per federal law she is supposed to provide a VOD

    "...and she said it's not her responsibility to provide them and I no longer had a right to see them."

    And another lie. Kaching. And she decided that and her word is the new law above federal law? How is that even legally logical? These idiots will say anything but to me it's just proof that you are dealing with a high school derelict. If you don't have a right to see them I suppose you don't have a basis to pay anything either! So any collection attempt has come to naught! It is her responsibility to provide you with a VOD-federal law!

    "I received a call on Saturday August 15 from Victoria again stating she was sick of my lies and that I was being sued and then she hung up on me."

    Harassment. Kaching!

    "I have explained countless times to her that I only make $1200 a month full time and my bills are $1148 a month so there is no way I can give them more money."

    You are next to judgement proof. There's nothing more available for them to take if they sued you. But I will take that if they can't have intelligent idiots (oxymoron) who can work out a deal. You just might have a chance with a judge, they went to college you know.

    @JDMilton Post
    "They have told me they will file to also garnish my wages."

    If you can call their bluff kaching - that's a threat they don't intend to execute.

    "I quit taking their calls because I am an adult and will not be treated as a child."

    Then there's abuse otherwise you were talking to them until it got to this. If you can provide evidence, kaching!

    "They are now harassing my brother and I did not give them his number."

    Easy to solve. I will provide you with what you need to do.

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  • Th
    thisman Nov 03, 2012

    CA push you around if they sniff you don't know your rights. So before you engage them to make any arrangement Google these and become an informed consumer.
    1-what to do when you are contacted by a collections agency.
    2-your rights under federal laws FDCPA and FCRA
    3-Validation of debt (VOD), cease and desist (C&D), CMRRR
    4-Your state's Statute of Limitations (SOL) on debt.
    5-post your questions at debtorboards dot com if things get thick

    Now you are ready to engage.
    -Never ever accept/agree/acknowledge you owe/own a debt. First request/demand a VOD. Use CMRRR (you can call but not recommended. Be sure to record the call)
    -Per federal law a VOD must be the original document with your signature on it, not a CA letterhead stating some amounts owed.
    -If your state's SOL is expired on the debt it is noncollectable, you have no more obligation. They can only plead with you to repay. If contacted but you are not interested write a C&D by CMRRR, state SOL is expired and you do not want to be contacted over this debt in any way. You will consider failure to observe that instruction as harassment and you shall seek legal redress against the harassers. CC your state AG, your attorney, FTC, CFPB, etc. all of them.
    -If SOL is not expired, debt is verified then negotiate a settlement (aim for less than a third of what's owed, the longer the debt has been outstanding the better for you)
    -Next obtain a settlement offer letter (it MUST state "PAYMENT OF $xxxx WILL SETTLE THE DEBT IN FULL). DO NOT submit a payment without it PERIOD! If it's not written it didn't happen!
    -If they tell you are you refusing to pay? Say a big fat "YES! No settlement offer letter, no payment, click!"
    -Send payment via CMRRR (or signature required), check or Money Order only, no electronic access to your bank account (They will clean you out.)
    -Upon completion of the debt payment (per settlement offer letter) obtain a letter stating the debt is settled in full.
    -If you get the run around don't worry much hang on to the Settlement Offer Letter, attach it with all your payments proof and keep all those documents for life. They resell your paid off debt and then it's the same collections story all over again from another scammer collector.
    -If they call you too much or call family & friends or work C&D them via CMRRR. State that you do not want to be called at home, cell phone, at work or through family & friends and that you allow communication about this debt once a month, etc., by mail or phone (you choose). And that if these instructions are violated you will seek legal redress against them.
    -If you talk to a CA ALWAYS write down immediately, who called, where from, said what, why, when, what, i.e. everything. This is acceptable evidence in court.
    -If they violate your rights, state or Federal law, sue them. Each violation is worth $1000 to you if you can prove it. Many attorneys will take up your case for free if you have meticulous proof of the violations because the CA will pay their fees. You can also sue pro se - believe it, it's not complicated at all. Just post for guidance at
    -Lastly I recommend all comm. with CA be in CMRRR form, ALL. If you must talk on the phone record ALL the calls. You may or not tell them you are recording. (They behave if they know you are). Instead use CMRRR it leaves a paper trail evidence against them that can turn into kaching! for you.

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harrassment/collection a scam

DCS is a scam. I was in a car accident a few years ago. I am permantley disabled and recieve SSA. Due to the rules of my insurance certain bills had to be paid by nationwide or the party that caused the accident. Well things didn't happen the way they were supposed to. I worked out a payment plan with the US Treasury Dept. to repay the debt myself. Currenty they take $90 out of my SSA payment every month, until the bill is paid. I also agreed to give the any stimulus payments given to pay them back. DCS has started sending my letters and phoning my home saying I owe them money on behalf of the Dept. of Health and Human Services. That I owe fees and a amount of over $900. They won't stop sending letters to my home. When I call I am told just to pay them the money that I owe in one lump sum and they will stop calling. These people are rude and a complete joke.

harrassment of neighbors

Leah at [protected] x 3743 harrasses neighbors, family members, and threatens me to pay a debt that is not...

harassing misleading phone calls

April from this company just called and didn't tell us who she was where she was calling from. She said she wanted a personal reference. This company has v=called many times before trying to locate a woman who worked for us 15 years ago! Philip Herman apparently was given as a reference at some point.
The whereabouts of Brigitte Antonocci from 15 years ago is not known to us any longer.
I want them prosecuted by law if they harrass us again!

  • Sa
    Sadincalifornia May 27, 2009

    I had got carjacked and My T-Mobile phone was stolen as well.Somehow these thieves racked up a 980.00 bill!They finally after 3 nasty reps told me if I send them proof they would take it off!They'd better!!!I'll help anyone I can if they do ...I have to get back with T-Mobile!They're great!Diversified better not have lied to back with the news...good or bad!

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  • Su
    suzydebtcollector Jun 02, 2009

    Roberta Herman, I have news for you:

    BY LAW a debt collector cannot identify themselves as a debt collector to anyone other than the person who owes the debt. They have every legal right to skip-trace. If at some point you were a reference, they have the right to use it to track the debtor down. Unless they are repeatedly calling, there is nothing you can do.

    sadincalifornia, this is for you:

    That's a pretty big bill...did you not contact TMobile to have the phone shut off once it was stolen? You don't state how long it was between the time you were "carjacked" and the time you were contacted by DCS. TMobile generally doesn't send an account to collection until it is 90 days past due (so you would have had 3 months to dispute it with them), and collectors generally send a written notice giving a 30-day dispute period before collection activities begin. Hmmmm... By the way, if you DID receive a writen notice from DCS prior to them calling, you only have 30 days to send a written dispute. After that, legally the debt is yours and there is nothing you can do about it. And DCS has every legal right to do whatever is necessary to collect.

    Sorry folks. You have rights. But so do we.

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  • Dc
    DCSripoff Dec 17, 2009

    DIVERSIFIED COLLECTION SERVICES IS AN ABUSIVE SCAM COMPANY. They contacted me about an overdue student loan. Jen Decker told me my paycheck would be garnished this week unless I joined a repayment option/opportunity. I wanted to pay the loan more than I wanted my check garnished so I gave them allot of personal contact information. At the end of the call I was told they needed a $400 "deposit" to gain acceptance. The company that they say they got my loan from isn't correct and doesn't appear on google anywhere. When I asked for them to put the agreement in writing and I would sign and return it with a check they said they wouldn't mail a letter (even after stating they have made several attempts to mail me one, lie) and needed my checking account #. This loan has been in default for years. My address and phone # have not changed for 10 years. They said they got the loan a year ago but couldn't contact me. When I spoke with the manager HAILEY PERRY she told me she would not give me the contact information of the co. they got the loan from and urged me to give her my checking account # to be approved tonight or have my check garnished tomorrow. I told her I would contact the attorney general and the loan originator and get back to her. She was not happy, was harassing and abusive over the phone demanding my credit card or checking acct. # This is a nasty unethical business at best and should be avoided by all business and personal interests. Their phone # is 866-229-2303

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taking tax refund

DCS took my tax refund last year and are trying to do it again this year. I would gladly pay my student loan...

no one will call you back

I have called this company over 30x's no return call. They want offset my taxes but have not given me...

awful company

I could not believe the gall of these people. They contacted me several weeks ago by letter, how they got my address I don't know---but I've disputed how much they say I owe on my student loans and have yet to hear back with any proof about that. Then today the lady I am currently buying a home off of calls me to let me know someone is trying to reach me. It ends up being the same lady who sent me the letter from DCS! Is this even legal? I can't believe they would go and contact someone who has no relation to me about this loan! How did they even get her number? I am in disbelief over the whole thing and will absolutely be getting in touch with them tomorrow. They are horrible in my opinion and the other posts on this site back up that sentiment.

  • Ta
    Tariqi Jan 06, 2010

    I spoke to Joe Johnson from Diversified Collection Services, regarding student loan debt. The amount that I borrowed in comparison to the amount they want me to pay is at least 4 times greater than the original Student loan. I told him that I can't pay that amount. (I am a 57 year old person that has been suffering from chronic body pains to the point where I am unable to walk and at times unable to care for myself and am unemployable). Anyway, in an arrogant and pompous way of speaking, he told me that I have to use my charge card to pay the debt. That's a bunch of bull and his threat is a violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act. Furthermore, he said that my SSI check will be offset by 15%. As far as I know, the law exempts SSI recipients. He further made no effort in telling me of the various programs that can assist me, according to a letter that I received from them, thus violating the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act again, this time by writing a false and misleading letter that seemed hopeful. In conclusion, the uppity snobbish guy hung the phone up on me. Nothing was resolved, so I'm sending a "certified mail, receipt requested", stating that I dispute the validity of the amount that they want me to pay.

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  • Si
    Silvia JJ Jan 26, 2011

    I do believe this Diversified Collection agency is just a fake. Prior to be harrassed by phone calls everyday, they asked me for my date of birth. I immediately refused to give any information. They called me every day.

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  • Bo
    bobxxx May 28, 2011

    DCS tried to collection a debt that wasn't mine. Jennifer Garcia was the collection agent and she is horrible in my experience. This company does not do their due diligence in confirming the debt to the person. Make sure to send a letter of dispute & cease and desist letter and it should stop them from contacting you on a debt that isn't yours. Send it certified mail. JUST DON'T sign the letter - be aware this company has had several deceptive practice lawsuits against them. You don't want them to have a copy of your signature. When I called, they keep saying "for verification purposes, please confirm your..." They aren't confirming anything, just trying to get as much info on you as possible.

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harassing phone calls

My friend and I are academic tutors, and recently I put up a website for our services. It's basically a...



Could you please be more specific? I have dealt with this agency and complained about their techniques to no avail. I even complained to my Congresswoman, and I got a copy of a reply from a government agency saying they looked into the matter and could not find any evidence of harassment or wrongdoing on the part of the collection agency. As if the collectors are going to say, "Oh, yeah. We were rude and insulting and told her to get off her lazy ###, get a job, and just pay the bill or we'd assign her account over to the Dept. of Justice."

What was your experience? I'd like to know if others have had problems with this company as the U.S. Congress chooses which collection agencies to contract with.


  • An
    anonymous Apr 14, 2009

    333 N CANYON PKWY STE 100
    LIVERMORE, CA 94551-9480

    Agent for Service of Process
    818 W 7TH ST
    LOS ANGELES, CA 90017-3407


    There is abundant evidence of the use of abusive, deceptive, and unfair debt collection practices by your debt collection organization. Already, you have failed to provide me with the disclosure required of you pursuant to § 809(a) of the FDCPA. Instead you opted to contact a third party without my prior written consent, in violation of § 805(b), as that third party was not myself, my attorney, a consumer reporting agency, the creditor, the attorney of the creditor, nor your attorney. I assure you if such violations persist I will not hesitate to pursue a FDCPA lawsuit against you.


    You are hereby notified under § 809(b) that the alleged debt, and any portion thereof, is disputed. Further, I am requesting that you fully validate this alleged debt and provide me with a full accounting of your debt validation due diligence, a copy of any applicable judgment, a copy of the original agreement, bearing my handwritten signature, which indicates my consent to the alleged debt, and the name and address of the original creditor.


    You are hereby notified under § 805(c) that I refuse to pay the allege debt and demand that you cease to, or attempt to, initiate any further communication with me. You shall not communicate with me further, except --
    1. to advise me that further efforts are being terminated;
    2. to notify me that you may invoke specified remedies which are ordinarily invoked by your organization; or
    3. to notify me that you intend to invoke a specified remedy, if applicable.

    I request that communication permitted under § 805(c) be made in writing.

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  • Ye
    yeshua May 24, 2009

    These people are outright scoundrels! They have harassed my mother, my poor grandmother, and EVEN MY Ex-WIFE! They have no right to contact these people to discuss a debt collection! It's a shame my student loan company refused to work with me through my economic hardship and sold my debt to these creeps.

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  • Su
    suzydebtcollector Jun 02, 2009




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  • An
    angrysinglemum Jun 04, 2009

    most people aren't deadbeats!!! the entire country has fallin on hardtimes, hence why all the major auto makers have files bankrupt. i had a woman call me today about an old student loan i had totally forgotten about. i would be more then happy to pay it back, its not that i don't want to "REPAY THE LOAN" but i am among the many collecting umemployment due to companies closing. i cannot pay my bills put food on the table for my 2 young children, that i raise alone, but i make too much for foodstamps or anything like that.
    when i tried to make arrangements with her she told me i had to pay it all back or they were granishing my unemployment, i asked if i could just pay so much a month & was told that because i don't have a checking account & they don't think i will be able to pay they won't set up payment plan, her exact words were "they don't want to set you up for failure. she took my monthly income, i make apx. 750 monthly, anyone in their right mind knows you cannot live off that with two kids. finally she told me to get a job, after explaining to her that my company closer last year i've been searching for a job since, her tone was so rude that i told her to go to hell & hung up on her.
    i know these people have a job to do which is all well & good but when people are being honest & trying to make some kind of arrangement to attempt to pay why are they being so unreasonable wasting my time if they refuse to help unless you do exactly what they want you to do.? There is also NO NEED for these people to get loud rude or anything of the sort, especailly when the person they are talking to is trying to work something out, thats a great way to make people never wanna pay!! i am going to try & work directly with my loan company i want nothing to do with these people.

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  • Ye
    yeshua Jun 08, 2009

    Ha. "suzydebtcollector" - you're proof evidence of the fact that uneducated, unskilled people end up bottom feeding with companies like DCS. You make statements based entirely on assumption and collection agencies love people like you - because you're simply trying to pay the bills, too.

    I'm not a deadbeat. In fact, I've probably worked harder than you have in your entire life. Guess what...the economy is motherfu#$*d! I spent 6 years in college and graduate school for NOTHING! There are no jobs in my field so I've worked in hard, body-destroying labor jobs for the past 10 years!! Yippee!

    Don't call me a deadbeat when I've spent years crawling around inside coal boilers scraping scaling, years lifting heavy steel for metal fabrication, years in power generation and electrical work so lazy people like you can have electricity, heat, and all the nice shiny things that my hard work and many others like me have provided for this corrupt, sad, and dying culture of excess.

    All I want at the end of the day is a little peace and quiet and not some douche bag from DCS calling me to tell me I owe money I already know I owe but just don't have to give...

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  • Ye
    yeshua Jun 08, 2009

    p.s. if you spent less time defending these corporate hogs and stepped back to look at the fact that the whole system is built to punish and enslave the poor you might realize that you too are a victim of this grotesque system

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  • Jr
    JREwing4 Mar 31, 2010

    They contacted a neighbor that I do not know concerning my debt. I reported them to the FTC. The lady at the FTC told me that DCS is clearly in violation of the law.
    The collectors name was Aaron Mark at 1-800-927-7667, extension 3650

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  • Jr
    JREwing4 Apr 01, 2010

    Correction: the name was Aaron Marks. He is now calling my work.
    These lowlife ### will stop at nothing.

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  • Me
    metter May 16, 2010

    Does the Fed give DCS special rights to a person's bank accts. such as acct. numbers and the right to withdrawl money at their convien?

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  • Gr
    Grandad Jun 30, 2010

    In most states such practices are illegal regardless of wether or not the debt is legitmate. Contact your State Attorney General, in Pennsylvania there is a web site to go to. You do not have to pay an attorney to stop the calls to friends, neighbors and relatives.

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abusive and deceitful collection

I have been having problems with Alice Truman concerning a student loan my daughter fell behind on. M...

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