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H Aug 18, 2018

Disney Store #00870 Woodburn, OR
Transaction Date 8/17/2018 6:19P
Trans: 2947
Cashier 749061

I was on my way from California to Seattle. I passed by Woodburn and purchased 6 items from the store. They are: 1 box of crayons and 5 pieces of children clothes.

When arrived at Seattle, I found I was overcharged of one clothing item and one clothing item did not get charged. I like to believe that it is an oversight but it was unusual as the most expensive item was overcharged.

Listing below. I took pictures of the clothing tags and match to the receipts.
Overcharged Items - boys fleece. purchased one but charged 2 items. over $9.74
Uncharged item - girls t-shirt. [protected]. not charged $4.49
Net overcharged - $5.25

The amount is not big, but somehow I feel it is not an oversight. It'll be good to receive the refund. Please ask your employees to double check. this is not the first time for me, thus, I decide to file a complaint.

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