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S Nov 19, 2017

On the 06.11.2017 I visited the White Rose shopping center branch of the Disney store to purchase the light up Pascal tree decoration (Sadly out of stock) so I along with my Daughter began having a browse while we were free of children. While browsing I unhappily discovered that the Disney Animations mega play set had been reduced from the £50 I had paid just the week before to £30 : (but non the less kept looking & came across a lovely snuggly pair of Thumper pyjamas & I decided to buy them for my Granddaughter to go into her Christmas eve box. My Daughter & I went to the cash desk to pay at approximately 13:07 (time on my receipt). The Lady on the desk 'Catherine' asked if we would like them gift boxing for £1 extra & I agreed. She requested the £10.99 & I handed her £21 (I don't like a lot of change so did it this way to receive a £10 note back). She chatted away while handling my payment & on closing the till said 'That's 1p change' to which I quickly attempted to correct her and informed her I had in fact given her a £20 note. She had asked if I was sure & I assured her I was 100% certain as I had only had two £20 notes left in my purse - I opened it to show her there was only the one left - My Daughter also confirmed that had I handed over a £20 as she was stood right by my side. Catherine informed me there would have to be a til check carried out so I said there was no problem with that & a Lady called Tracey Lawson (On The Print out which I have) opened the till & on doing so a £20 note was laid in the slot length ways & Catherine said 'Oh look maybe it was a £20 note after all' & Tracey took the til into the back of the store to carry out the till check. After some time 'The till balances!' was shouted through the doors & Catherine told me the till was correct & therefore I must have been mistaken! I assured her I knew I wasn't mistaken so could she please call for the manager. The Manager 'Simon' arrived & informed me he would have to do a till check & he was informed one had already been done but he insisted on repeating this, this time in front of us on the shop floor. When I asked why he was doing this he said this is what he did to prove to us what was in fact in the till to which I questioned further 'Why? when the till had already been taken into the back of the store out of sight? Surely if it is policy to cash the til in front of the customer then policy had already been broken by it being taken out of sight?' Simon couldn't really give me a valid response for this! According to Simon there was £100 float to be deducted from the total but there should have been £518 takings in the till. He began counting & even before he had already counted the full total of change in the till totaled up his cash sums & after attempting this some 5-6 times, found there to be £524 in the till (remember he hadn't yet finished all the change) & went on to tell me that my £10 was not there. When I questioned the additional money his response was 'But it's not £10 worth' I informed him that he still had to finish counting & then he tried to tell me how retail works to which I informed him that in the past I had myself worked in retail & knew exactly how things worked. I went on to question Tracey's finding as she has said the till was 'balanced' well I'm sure no one can disagree that when Simon found extra money in the till that it does not in fact BALANCE! I went on to ask if they could check the CCTV on the cash desks as that would prove that I was the one who hadn't made any mistakes - Simon dismissed this & flatly said 'There are none!
Things regrettable became a little heated when my Daughter whom could tell that I was becoming more that a little upset questioned Tracey's true findings & Simon Said we were accusing them of being 'Fraudulent' to which my reply was 'Well you are accusing me of being a liar' I asked for my receipt so I could leave & that is exactly what we did!
I know you must hear this kind of thing all the time & I am not one to cause a scene & never ever complain but as a self employed single Mother - I just could not let this go when I knew I was right!
I love all things Disney - myself & my two Sons visited Disneyland last year & had hoped to return this year but it was put on hold due to myself collapsing in March & breaking my Fibula & ankle joint, so we re planned to go back next year during the Christmas period... sadly between them Catherine, Tracey & Simon have not only taken my money but also robbed me of some of that wonderful Disney Magic!
Yours Sincerely
Sharon Nicholson

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