Dish Network / Dish.comyou stealing money from me without permission

G Oct 01, 2019 Review updated:

You said 360 termination fee. Then took it with out my permission out of my account called 10 times most of the time on hold for 30 plus min to talk to some idiot that cant hardly speak English for them to say please hold and hang up on me I was not set up for auto pay you have no legal right to take my money and I did not physically sighn a contract or electronically sighn one you are a bunch of thieves. May be you can explain to my daughters why daddy has to work over time to come up with money to pay mortgage instead of being with them on there birthday thanks alot Dish your only here to help you "F" everyone else what a way to run a business no wo der the better business bureau and the entire internet is 99 percent negative about dish I wish I would have done the smart thing and gone with comcast. Way to make a mark on the world as crooks.


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      Oct 02, 2019

    Remember that tablet the tech had you sign or who was in your house during install? That was the contract.

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