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M Sep 29, 2019 Review updated:

Extremely unhappy with Dish for charging me $148 early cancellation fee because of equipment agreement. I do not remember a separate contract for equipment this was misleading. I cancelled dish service because of rates after contract ended, my bill went from $65 a month to $99 extremely high only received an offer to reduce bill of $20 a month that was not enough.
Now I was told I will be charge $148 for early cancellation because of an equipment agreement.

I am so unhappy and dissatisfied with Dish. I am requesting a reduction as this was miss leading to a consumer the way it was done.

Originally we were offered hopper and never used it so we had it removed and now dish is saying there was a separate contract for equipment only, I do not agree with this.

Plus I was on hold for 30 minutes waiting for someone to answer the phone and then it took another 30 minutes to cancel.

Please be considerate to consumers this is miss leading and I request a this fee to be waived.

Unhappy with Dish Service and the way the business was conducted.
Marjorie Seman


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    chadt41 Oct 02, 2019

    You haven’t given a single reason as to why the fee should be waived. Your ignorance is not a reason.

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    Britt3891 Oct 15, 2019

    My bill keeps going up as well. I am getting sick of Dish.

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  • Ch
    chadt41 Oct 15, 2019

    Prices haven’t changed since January, and they won’t change until January. Simple. This is whether channels are added or removed. There was no price change for adding ACCN.

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