Dish Network / Dish.comcompany and employees failure to do their job correctly

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In june 2018, i notified dish i was relocating from texas back to arizona, , I also told them that there may be current services from another provider already connected. I was told that it ws ok and that the service was simple and they would void my contract if there was service. Now understand I am just a room mate, service is in the other persons name and we live in HOA/RENTAL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, 3 APPOINTMENTS AND 2 TECHNICIANS 1 TECH NEVER SHOWED, NOW there is a problem because each technician did not do their job correctly and apparently "worded" their review wrong placing blame on me, when I asked to have the technician come back they refused, when I asked to have another today they again refused. They then proceeded to tell me they were going to charge me 400 bucks as a fee for early termination. Whaaat? Wait just a second. I have done everything right and because your techs failed to do their job, like show up at a scheduled apptmnt, show up at the right time and date, or word their notes.correctly I am the one who has to pay? I think not.
This is another example of bad business practice and how company's are not training their employees correctly so to cover it up they blame the public and hold consumer responsible for their error.
I have contacted the CEO Erik Carlson via phone and left a message for resolution, I also left a message with the operator at corporate to send to the CEO and I have repeatedly spoken to customer service to resolve the issue.


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    chadt41 Aug 19, 2018

    If you cancel for any reason before the term is completed, the cancellation fee is valid. Your contract explicitly says that moving does not void the contract. The move is your choice, not the company’s. The contract is based on the original location, so the ETF would be valid.

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