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I want to voice my frustration with DISH for not having CBS anymore. We were offered a antenna, but can not record to dvr with it, so canceled having it installed.

We do not want to stream CBS . We would like to have it in with all of our channels and be able to watch and record it in full HD. We now watch 16 CBS shows. At this point if we can't have CBS, may not need the DISH service anymore. So sad. Can't say enough about how frustrated we are.

  • Updated by SuzyQZephyr · Jul 27, 2019

    The DISH tech that came to install our free antenna came out to install and said we would not be able to record on our DVR. And said his boss said it wasn't possible.

    Since we were told could not record to our DVR, we canceled the install. And are very frustrated. Since the person I talked to own set up the appointment also said we could record.

    We told the person we had a hopper Bullhead City, AZ

  • Updated by SuzyQZephyr · Jul 27, 2019

    We scheduled for a free antennae and we were told we could record from it.

    The installer came on 7/24 in Bullhead City and told us we would not be able to record. And if he installed the antennae we would not be able to record any local channels. He said his boss said this could not be done either. We have a hopper and a Joey.

    So we canceled the install and are still frustrated.

  • Updated by SuzyQZephyr · Jul 28, 2019

    Thank you. I'm not sure if you are a person from DISH or not. But I'm not going to do this if the DISH person says it is not possible, and his boss says you can't . DISH employees need to hook it up for me, I'm not going to go get somehing after the antennae is installed. I want DISH to make it work or sale me the part and hook it up.

    Thank you for the info.


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    chadt41 Jul 27, 2019

    You can record OTA channels on Dish if the OTA antenna is connected to the receiver. Some receivers have built in modules, some, you may need to purchase the module. If you have a hopper or Wally system, you would need to purchase one, but they are really inexpensive. I actually gained 63 channels in addition to my regular locals.

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    chadt41 Jul 28, 2019

    You just need the OTA module. Google “Dish Dual OTA adapter for Hopper”.

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