Dish Network / Dish.comwe are very upset that the fox channels have been canceled.

We are very upset that the Fox channels have been removed from Dish Network. Sports is something that we enjoy watching in our household. It also contributes to our social life. We like having friends and family over to enjoy each other's company, food, and of course; watching the game together. It is very frustrating that not only did we lose KAKE -10 for several months, and we were paying the same price. Now it looks like we are still paying the same price and are missing more than just 1 channel. If this is something like is going to go on for any length of time, we think that our bill should be reduced. If this is resolved in a timely manner, we will be looking into other options and probably be canceling our package.

Tom Scott
1163 Ks Hwy 177
Matfield Green, Ks



Sep 29, 2019

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