Dish Network / / placing dish on "pause" wound up costing us more.

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We have an elderly parent we have to help with 2-3 weeks per month so we have to travel and be away those days, so we thought we could put our dish service on "pause" as the dish agent called it, would save us some money. At first it seamed to be working. They charged an extra $5 for pausing but our bills were a lot lower. I did not count the days or figure the charges by hand and just relied on the dish computers and accounting systems to figure my bill. Usually our bill was just under $100 per month so when we got a bill for over $200, my wife called (she is better with people than I as I would rather cuss them) any way the lady said there had been a mistake made and to just pay this amount which amounted to $88 off the bill. We were feeling good about this.
Guess what we got in this bill? Dish added the $88 back in plus added a $10 late fee. My wife called again with zero results. We've been dish customers for more than 10 years but I looking to switch.

I've been looking at directv but I can't figure out what I get. An't easy... [censored] em...

Feb 19, 2019

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