Dish Network / Dish.comfraudulent receiver return claim

I noticed Dish Network dropped my sports channels in July 2019. I saw they were having a dispute with the sports provider so I patiently waited for resolve. By August my favorite major league team was in the pennant race and Dish Network still had not resolved the issue. I then called about the issue and was told the channels would return soon and also rewarded 3 months of Major League Network free for 3 months to watch "highlights ". In August, after a long, heated sales pitch from their sales rep, I dropped Dish Network. I had to call twice to get my return boxes sent to my home for returning the equipment. I packed the main receiver, two Joey receivers, Remotes and the satellite Lan part and hand delivered to UPS for shipment to Dish Network. Now I get email stating my credit is being charged $50.00 for non return of a Joey receiver.


Oct 05, 2019

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