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The entire reason I went back to cable was to watch sports. This year you decided that Altitude wasn't worth paying for even though so many people only want to watch the sports provided on that channel. What happened to good companies caring more about their customers happiness than their own bottle line? It's extremely sad that the big tv providers don't seem to care that their customers are missing games, all they seem to care about is how much that is going to cost. If I'm not mistaken the top people at these companies are so wealthy, while the people that are trying to enjoy something that they paid for aren't able to watch the games they want and sometimes are barely able to pay all their bills. Yet we still pay for channels we don't get. Anyone else see a problem with this. The rich only seem to care about how to become richer while their customers are suffering. So incredibly sad. Why don't you become the first company to fix this problem. Maybe you will even get new customers because you provide what so many of us want!

Oct 11, 2019
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  • Km
      Oct 11, 2019

    I don't like watching sports, and I feel my bill would be lower if dish didn't offer sports channels at all. I've always loved playing sports, but I can't see the fascination in watching sports. People who are so obese they can't do manual labor for 5 minutes will sit down and watch a game for 5 hours, and I don't get it. I'd rather go outside a pull weeds for 5 hours then watch a game for 5 hours. Though a little secret about me, I love pulling weed, particularly on a hot day. When I start sweating so profusely that it slides off me like a waterfall, plus sweat makes my hair look great even.

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