Discover Bank / Discover Financial Serviceshorrible customer service

U Nov 13, 2019

This credit card company FAILED on there part to RED FLAG my account on a dispute of 10.40 due to what they say was a cash withdraw on a CREDIT BALANCE of 123.03 from a returned item my sister sent back to the Bradford Exchange. I had a ZERO balance with Discover before this credit was applied to my account. I called our local Discover card bank and spoke to customer service on what was the fastest way to get this money so that i could send it back to my sister. I was told to go to the nearest bank ATM to withdraw the money and that bank would charge 3.00 for my doing so. I did withdraw 120.00 from the ATM. The bank did charge a fee of 3.00 to do so. BUT, at no time during the phone conversation did that person tell me that Discover would charge me a Cash Withdraw fee of 10.40 at a 27.47 intrest rate. I disputed this when i received a statement from them and they failed to RED FLAG the account while it was in dispute. Because of this so-called policy of there's, my credit fico score droped from a 728 down to a 638 in three months thanks to their error. As of this date, the error was corrected and i now had a creit balance on my account of 8.60 - BUT - my credit fico score hasn't been corected by them at all. Now, it is a blame game between Discover and equifax to correct this issue and because of this, my credit is hurting something bad thanks to them. Horrible company and Rotten people to deal with. Never late on payments and always paid more that what was requested. Went from a 4000 line of credit to a 7800 line of credit in 15 months time with them. So, really think about this - a 10.40 dispute and a failed to RED FLAG an account can RUIN your credit all thanks to ther stupid policies.

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