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07 August 2012:
Discount Tire; Tomball, TX (Acting Manager Chad) Refused to honor the balance warranty on my tires that were 3/32 tread x 2 rear and 5/52 front x 2. Tires had very even wear.
I had previously purchased a life time balance from Discount Tire. Discount Tire would not honor the life time balance because I refused to allow them to rotate my tires. The Manager said I was required to put the 3/32 tread tires on the front and he had a movie for me to watch instructing that had to be done. However there was no proven data for my make, model car or tire tread design that proved it to be safer for the tires to be rotated that way with my tread depth. I know my driving habits; the roads I travel and condition of those roads, and have driven more than a million personal & professional safe miles and can safely determine the best location for my tires and extended mileage usage.
The bottom line is I purchased a life time warranty for balancing and Discount Tire "REFUSED" to honor it on the tires that met DOT tread depth and conditions of the warranty.

I tried to resolve this probable with the national & regional Discount personal through fb multi-media and the response was the message would be forwarded to the regional office and they would be in contact with me. That has been over a week ago with no further actions.

Rick Whittlesey
2008 G5


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    Brownsugaraj Apr 16, 2019

    Discount Tire, Plano TX 121 @ Custer Rd. on the morning of 4/16/19 I went to Discount Tire at 121 & Custer Rd. AFTER being told my car would not pass Texas state inspection due to bald tires on the back. This was a shocker as these tires were purchased brand new at Discount Tire on 12/7/18 (4 months prior) Upon arriving at Discount Tire, I was greeted by Matt who inspected the tires and then pulled up my receipt on 12/7/18 showing I purchased 4 brand new Kumo 245/45/20 tires. He proceeded to say that due to the car being a Challenger and rear wheel drive, I should expect to only get about that long from any tires. He then proceeded to give me quotes for OTHER brands ($300 -$400) and NEVER offered the mileage warranty for the tires I just purchased 4 months ago. As I left, this didn't sound right, I then went to ANOTHER Discount Tire in Plano on Ohio Dr. only to learn and confirm what I thought is that there should have been a mileage warranty offered to me and thus 2 brand new replacement tires would cost me just $120. I called back to inform Matt what I learned from other location and ask why didn't he offer the same, he said "We didn't get that far in the conversation" ughhhh, we got far enough for you to quote prices on OTHER tires. Beware of this unethical, dishonest person. Thanks to Brandon (same location) as well as the Ohio Dr. location for being ethical and honest.

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