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Membership #[protected]

I have made multiple attempts to obtain assistance from the dav as I am a lifetime member. I have been unable to get any followup help from a representative for the last few years. What does it take for them to decide a veteran is worth representation? Then I realized, if the organization can't be bothered to return a call to a veteran, why would anyone expect them to expend any effort in actual representation?

housing and utilities assistance

I call this DAV phone number yesterday which was February 10 I spoke to a representative who told me to come...

dav transportation services

For 5 straight days straight (multiple times per day) of unsuccessful calls and voice mails I have been unable to schedule a ride to my VA Clinic. Having spoke to the VA office and reporting I wanted to file a grievance this right went unacknowledged. I have been denied access to DAV services at same time I see other veterans utilizing these services. I believe that the work ethics and professionalism and competency of some employees is at question. I have been provided excuses which are unexcusable .
The DAV I believe has violated my rights.
* Tulsa DAV
* Muskogee DAV Muskogee VA hospital Muskogee OK

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    Moe1959 Dec 11, 2019

    Please do not send any more mail to me.

    Tim Moloney
    1269 Barks Rd. E.
    Marion, Ohio 43302

    Stop solicitation

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I am an Army Vet And I am not the only one who vents his frustration on the phone when I am promised a phone...

truck driver for dav

I had scheduled a pickup donation for the dav on Friday August 8, 2019 that the only weekday that I have off. I was not a home at the time of the truck arrived to pick up the donated items. when I arrived back home I realized that the truck had been at my resident but failed to pick up any items. They left a note on the card that said since I had three tables, they wasn't able take any of my items, I would have thought that they could have taken the rest of the things and left the table, but the note stated that since they couldn't take the tables their policy is not to take any items you can imagined to my surprise that all the stuff was left behind, the only thing I can come up with is the driver was LAZY and didn't feel like doing any work so it was easy for him to just leave the things behind. The reason I put the tables was the person that I spoked with said that I could as long as it didn't weight over 20 lbs. and they didn't. I was upset because I give the the Dav all the time cause my husband was a veteran and I like what they do for the disabled veteran but today I was solely disappointed with the service of the driver I think if they don't want to do the job they should do something else I am sure that some disabled veteran could have used those glassware and picture and clothes all the things that I give to veterans is barely used and is not junk maybe that is what the driver thought caused it was packed the way I usually do it and labeled like I usually do but the only thing I can say is don't a book by its cover. Well i guess I have vented enough just wanted someone to listen to my complaint. I have given to the Dav for a long time and this is the only time I have been disappointed. You will have to do better Thanks

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service presentation at my brother’s funeral service

A man approached me at the funeral home. I told him I was not the widow and showed him my sister-in-law. Thi...

Handling my, appeal case docket no. 16 -23 038

To whom may concern;

Actualmente soy retirado del USA as a SFC (1995). Veterano del Golfo Pérsico y Pensionado por servicio e incapacidad. Operado de corazón abierto, Diabetes y un sin número más de complicaciones médicas.

Entre el 2014 al 2015 atreves de DAV (355) sometí unas apelaciones por Mental Condition and Depression, PTSD, Muscular Pain and Joint Discomfort due to Anthrax Injections, Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), and Tension Headaches.

Todas las reclamaciones fueron Remanded back to DAV (355), Feb 2019. Prácticamente la opinión del Board fue que DAV hizo un pésimo trabajo representándome al procesar mi reclamación sin los debidos service personal records y examinaciones medicas viejas.

The matters are REMANDED for the following action: To Obtain the Veterans' complete service personnel records, Schedule the Veteran for VA examinations, Readjudicate the appeals, and all opinions must have sufficient rationale.

Le pido mediante esta correspondencia; que verifiquen mi caso y lo procesen de acuerdo al Board of Appeal decisión lo más pronto posible, ya que han transcurrido 5 años y volvemos a empezar todo el proceso otra vez desde el principio.

Gracias por sus servicios y atención a través de los años.

Ret SFC Jose G Santiago [protected] [protected], SS-3081 Docket No. 16 -23 038


Attended UNC-FSU, at the main campus. Attended 3 classes durin the 2014 year, taught by Dr. Lheem. I arrived...

veteran claim assistance

Called the Louisville office to ask a question in regards to uploading documents! Gentlemen answering the...

secretary at lawton oklahoma dav

I walked into the DAV in lawton and was immediately greeted with a condescending secretary who was judging me...

Discriminatory practices and abuse of non-profit status

“follow the money….” is what many say. The department of veteran’s affairs’ (Va) pervasive attack on...

Discriminatory and racist employees

I, a veteran, and United States citizen, am appalled that the Disabled American Veteran (DAV) organization...