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Complaints & Reviews

Caqh enrollment


I have 5 physicians I have been trying to enroll. The status is denied due to verification. We were not able to reach anyone with the providers office. This is so false. I am a billing service. It is me, and me alone. I have not received a call on the providers they have denied.
Last Thursday I did finally get a call on one of my doctors, I verified everything. Now it is the same message on his status. We were unable to reach anyone regarding...…..They talked to me!
I call and I call and I am literally on hold for an hour each time, I don't have that kind of time.
I am trying to bypass all this and do the carriers direct.
Very disoriented. Very unorganized. This has been going on for over a month!!!


What a waste of time and resources. This dept is outsourced to the phillipines and can never reach a supervisor as they are always in meetings. Despite being told I would get a call back noone has ever called me back. 6 weeks now and counting to get admin privileges taken off old admin and reassigned to our provider directly. Incompetent business line and no accountability whatsoever. This is banking information they are playing around with... Filing a complaint with the business licensing of washington dc for caqh the company

CAQH — credentialing obstructive processes and delays; who do you answer to?

I would like to file a complaint related to your format and processes which essentially cause delays in credentialing and ultimately prevent gainful employment. There are many...

CAQH — credentialing cash; obstructionism

Week of September 9, 2018 CAQH has a rigid template format and processes which do not always apply to everyone depending on their situation. The credentialing process of CAQH...

Caqh Proviewphysician credentialing database

I can't tell if this web-based company is legitimate. I got an email from them asking me to update my personal credentialling information. I called them and spoke with someone named 'BJ". I told him that first, I don't recall setting up any credentialing database with them. He told me that it could be a hospital who sent this. I asked which hospital and he proceeded to ask questions to verify my identity. This is where things get suspicious. He asked for my SS # which I refused to give him. Then he asked for my DEA #. Since that is public information based on my name, I gave that to him. Still he needed more personal information which I refused. So he asked me to answer a "security question" which was "which city did you go to for your honeymoon?". I know for sure that is not one of the questions I've ever answered for a security question because I went to two cities. I argued with him that this is not a legitimate question and since I already gave him my DEA number and he can easily verify my name with that number, it would have been easy for him to tell me which hospital submitted my info into their website. I told him I would call that hospital to verify that indeed they submitted my information. He refused to tell me. This is a very suspicious website asking for personal information and until the company provides more avenues to verify that they legitimate and not a scam, I will not work with them. Beware of ID theft with this company.

  • Mo
    monica hartman Oct 18, 2018

    Zero stars. Incompetent company engaging in credentialing harassment of providers! I’m

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  • Mo
    monica hartman Oct 18, 2018

    Demonstrate lack of competency to identify diversity of providers and relevant criteria for a specific provider or role type.
    Rigid format of computer forms not tailored to providers individuality.
    Delay providers ability to work without just cause by demanding forms or criteria which do not apply.

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Caqh Proview — caqh provider data

The new application/webpage for keeping provider data current has a flaw. It asks for hospital affiliations/privileges and many providers are office-based only, using an admitting...

Caqh ProviewCredentialing

What a miserable company! I was required to fill out a physician profile at CAQH Proview for a job that I applied for. The computer program was very poorly designed and cumbersome to fill out. This company apparently is allied with an insurance company, and the company tries to make the applicant available for insurance marketing even as they are collecting credentialing data. Then, they try to make the applicant provide data on all the professionals who work with you! (Their website reads, "CAQH ProView is more than a credentialing database. Available at no cost to you...". It appears to be a tool to coerce applicants to reveal information for use in marketing schemes.)The company staff were not able to answer even the simplest of questions. Emailed questions received vague and nonsensical responses, and even for that I had to wait one week. Avoid them if you can!

  • Pa
    Paula Rose Apr 25, 2018

    I so agree. This is the worst company and system ever invented. They outsource to a third world company where the phone connections are terrible and the staff has poor english skills. They only have one way to do things and do not facilitate the providers in any way. It is almost impossible to do if you are an independent contractor. Wish a company that operates in the USA would take over!

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  • Ml
    mlhaprn Sep 13, 2018

    Yes, they are obstructionists as well. For example, I was a federal employee and they keep demanding a policy number, etc. when they should know we are covered by federal tort, so would possibly not have a policy. It's like talking to a robot. They don't get it. The template does not even have a way to address various situation and is very rigid, so you keep getting "failed" notices, and your gainful employment is delayed. Maybe these companies need to be held responsible as in sued for each day they hold up someones employment unnecessarily. If you are in the business of credentialing, then you should be aware of the laws and changes. They did not even know that DPS was not used in Texas anymore. Duh. So, I agree, its a scam, and they ask for a plethora of information that is not necessary or applicable to the job you are applying for.

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  • Di
    Dilip Patel Mar 17, 2019

    I have submitted necessary and requested licence copy more than 6 times including by mail, since October 2018 and continues to show my profile incomplete. Staff on phone sounds helpful but not competent to solve the situation.
    Photo copies are normally accepted by hospital credentialing without any problem. This company does not accept fax copies which sound very unreasonable when fax method is commonly used in current era.

    Is this a incompetence of this company to do such simple function?

    Will be nice if we are given option of other company to deal with instead of this one.

    If they really want to help the customers/providers, their staff can pick up the phone.

    I feels that oversight by some federal agency should be in place so that consumers are protected.

    Dr. Patel.

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  • In
    Insurance companies suck. Apr 16, 2019

    I too am frustrated with CAQH. I submitted my dea and license as a single pdf document under the dea and license tabs. It was rejected with no explanation. This is a five minute fix on my end, five minutes which are not reimbursed. They could easily split the pdf document, but they said they couldn't when I called them. I could barely hear the operator when I talked to her, it was very loud on their end. I insisted on talking to a supervisor, she said they would take care of the document.

    Physicians are being screwed by insurance companies. I for one am willing to give single payer a try, it can't be worse. I'm sick of my patients being denied care that they pay for, I'm sick of being paid what they feel like paying me, if they pay me. I'm sick of every insurance company having its own rules about what meds they cover each week. I'm really sick of caqh treating us like data entry clerks.

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CAQH systems — Enrollment as a provider for eft services, non responsiveness

I am a sole professional who recently started accepting Anthem BCBSNH insurance. I am trying to set up EFt payments as I have with other insurance. Those took 2 days...I filled...