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11:13 am
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

NGO - fraud

the global vision is fake Ngo
They will say during intrvw that they will gv u position of branch manager after two months. only two months u have to collect funds. professionally begging.
its really such a faltu organisation.
i gav the intrvw over there and i told my expecteed salary is 15k so they accepted. next day they are ready to gv me 18k.
these are just all faltu things.
presently m working for other office there two gals came frm same ngo to collect funds they are Students as a frnd i jst told them that u r working for fake ngo. they are not ready to listen.
They are very strategical ngo. no boiby should give even a single paise for that fake Ngo.
One branch manager name Deepika parmar she is very smart. she will say everyone during intervw that i worked for two months to collect the fund aqnd after that i become the branch brange and she told that ri8 now she is earning 60k and she just 23 yrs old.
one more stupid Preety she pretend as if grandmother for evrybody she will say beta beta.
b careful gals dont join that ngo. ultimately u wont get salary and waste of time.
jst think thats the professional way of begging from others in the namer of Ngo.
in form it will mention that the patient father is earning only 1200/month. use common sense as a farmer no one can earn only 1200/- rs.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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1:11 am
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NGO - cheating

Hiii everyone. Please read this and be careful specially girls. This is truth and I can say this from my own experience. I want everyone to know about one more # organisation of cobra group. Dey r #in #. Their new company is an ngo named global vision. Whoever gets a call from them or these types of organisations plz plz plz never go. They make u do sm...

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