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beware of this company

I read some of the other people's defense about this company. I am happy for the savings the savings they got. What I am trying to do here is to let everyone aware that they need to really think and not make hasty decision to be a member of this company.

In my case I DID NOT make any savings at all and I know I will not recover my membership fees. Heres why:

1. Direct buy adds 8% of the cost of merchandise for handling fee plus the shipping fee and can only be ship to their warehouse which means you have to take a trip to pick the goods and maybe hire a truck. Regular store usually has no handling fee and usually waive shipping fee if you reach certain amount plus they will deliver it to your home. Right there the 30% savings you hope will be gone.

2. Direct buy take months to fulfill the order. Most of the order are 6 to 13 weeks. They will give you an estimated delivery date but that date is from the manufacturer to leave from their house so you have to wait another 2 weeks if it is in time but if it is not GOODLUCK. If you want your money back for unfulfilled delivery Direct buy will not refund the money unless the manufacturer will cancel it. Usually it takes ages because your local chain will have to contact corporate then corporate will contact manufacturer and vice versa. Too bureaucratic and slow. Your looking at 2 to 3 weeks to get an answer and to get the refund who knows. I would imagine it will be a nightmare to return a defective product. With the regular retail store they will give the best customer service because they want your business with direct buy they dont care you already sign the contract and got your money.

3. If you really look and shop around for sale items you can easily beat the prices at direct buy. Best of all you can save the $5000 membership fee.

For some people who made comments that members that complaint are on welfare and uneducated YOU MADE A MISTAKE. I believe that members are from upper middle class or else they dont have the money to spend the pricey membership fee. Our mistake was we are hasty in our decision did not do enough research about this immoral business practice of this company. SO TO ALL OF YOU OUT THERE. BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY

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    uh-huh May 26, 2009

    I completely agree, and I recently found out that Direct Buy actually buys websites to print those supposed satisfied customer stories. I really think that what needs to be done is a class action lawsuit against this company, I really can't believe they are even still in business!

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Resolved total scam!

I have posted this message to every website to warn people of this terrible business practice. I have been a...

product and service quality problems

We joined DirectBuy almost 2 years ago planning to purchase items for a major home improvement project which included cabinets. We had priced Omega cabinets at a couple of locations prior to going into DirectBuy and they did a preliminary quote which indicated that we would save about $20,000. When all was said and done, we probably only saved about $5,000 on the cabinets but what we found is that DirectBuy offers absolutely no assistance in product selection and service with their vendors, especially when it came to the Omega cabinet line. (When we were done, the warehouse guy told me I should have ordered Brookline)

The Omega cabinets had many quality problems and DirectBuy initially refused to assist us. When we went direct to Omega, they refused to deal with us claiming that DirectBuy, as the dealer was to provide that service. Our project was delayed several months because of the runaround we got. We would have received absolutely no cooperation from DirectBuy had it not been for the fact that we backed out the entire charge with Visa until the issue was resolved and filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

We made many other purchases through DirectBuy for the remodeling project and found that once DirectBuy added on the handling and shipping charges, my savings was 10% at best. Many items were in fact cheaper and faster for me to order through other sources. Of course, I was disappointed many times when DirectBuy did not carry the brand I wanted so I ended up purchasing the item elsewhere.

I never did purchase appliances through DirectBuy because I was concerned about after-sale service. The owners suggested a contact with ABT in Chicago for discount pricing for DirectBuy members. I discovered accidentally that I was better off going into ABT as a regular consumer - pricing was better. This is very suspicious to say the least.

There have been times, when I wanted to purchase something and the color-match information, etc. was not available at the store. This is frustrating when you spend time driving there, going through all of the books looking for what you need, then to find out you don't have what you need to order. Again, there is no assistance so if you expect help and service, this is not for you. Also, if you are a savvy Internet shopper and live in a large metropolitan area, you will likely do better without this membership.

Remember, DirectBuy will say they don't have a markup but in fact, most everything is marked up at least 8% for handling, then you also pay shipping and tax. I think when people say they saved a lot of money at DirectBuy they are comparing to retail but I rarely pay retail anyway. I always wait for the sales and deals so if you are that kind of consumer and expect some service, then DirectBuy membership is not for you.

DirectBuy is proud of their web site but I think it is cumbersome to use from the standpoint of searching and comparing products. It is a waste of time unless you know exactly what you want and then, not everything is on the web site so you really can't shop from home.

I believe what I experienced at DirectBuy is a reflection of their business model. They make their money up front with the big membership fee so they don't need to service their members afterward. DirectBuy is a marketing organization, not a service organization. I suspect their renewals at 2 years are extremely low. My membership renewal is due this November and I don't think it is worth it for me to renew for $200.

Wendy Parr
Long Grove, IL

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    Keith Tyschper Apr 29, 2010

    I wish I would have read the above post before purchasing our Direct Buy membership. We too planned a major remodeling and had hoped to save money on many of the items we planned to purchase. I recall distinctly being told during the dales pitch that everyhting a manufacturer carries is available, but that is not the case. For instance @ DB you cannit cannot purchase GE Monogram Applainces.
    The sales pitch also focuses on "no markup" but they certainly do not make it clear that you pay 8% "handling" on everthing - even things that come shipped directly to you such as cabinetry. Essentially on items for which they have "hands-off".
    We have found that with not all but with many manufacturers that DB purchases are last priority. We found products on line that would ship immediatley for the sum total of $5 more - no tax and free shipping. The alternative is to save a pittance and wait for purchases can be weeks, even months and we have found that you need to constantly call to find out that items are either back ordered or out of stock. After waiting for one light fixture for 18 weeks, we cancelled it. Another did arrive within 3 weeks. Now we have been waiting 6 weeks for three more (expecting to wait 4 weeks) only to find that it is going to me another 6-8 weeks until they ship.
    My advice is to do your homework a lot more dutifully than we did before you go, which is difficult given teh high pressure sales tactics used (sign up now or you wont be able to ever again). At this rate I calculated that it will take us about 12 years to break even given teh membership cost, and then we will strt saving a little money.

    Chicago, Il

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    Traci B. Feb 25, 2011

    Wow...happened upon this and so much more about Direct Buy...!

    I joined over 20 years ago...when the membership was about 2, 000. And then $99 per year. I'd NEVER pay the current rates. We haven't bought a whole lot there... I figured as long as I'm getting SOMETHING each year that saves me more than 100 it's worth it... right?

    The last MAJOR purchase for us was about 5 years ago. A set of ASHLEY leather furniture...2 couches, a chair and an ottoman... as well as a dining table with two leather chairs, two benches and a corner stool (the countertop height kind). Direct Buy's policy is that you have to inspect everything WHEN YOU PICK IT UP or you forgo any "issues" that you might have with your merchandise. REALLY???? I'm going to unwrap 10 pieces of furniture in your warehouse dock...then re-pack them, and load them into my car??? No way. I made the mistake of TRUSTING that the merchandise I purchased would be in good condition. MY BAD!

    When we opened up the couches a couples weeks later (as we were remodeling and didn't want dust all over the furniture) I found the back corner of the frame on one of the couches is completely bent back. Also, a few nail pops that are PUSHING into the leather...not good. THEN we find out that the two dining benches BOTH sag because they have dry rot in the wooden frames and much of the wood needs to be replaced... cha-ching. So much for my savings!

    I know I'm stuck with it. It's been a few years... but I'm astounded at the lack of the quality that I received from "reputable" companies. I'm wondering if they push their SECONDS (damaged) furniture off on wholesale clubs like this??? There's NO WAY my furniture would have passed inspection with a reputable company!

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avoiding to deal with directbuy!

I wanted to start an email to warn people of DirectBuy, and how they conduct business. My husband and I are...

poorly run business and a rip off!

Do NOT sign up for a Direct Buy membership. The free visit requires that you pay $4,000 that day for your...

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Resolved poorest quality and broken furniture!

You must pay $4000.00 up front to join Direct Buy. You are supposed to get the same quality furniture that is sold in the stores. Instead they send the seconds,the poorest quality, and the broken pieces.

I received a love seat that was broken underneath, a couch where the wicker pieces were cracked and now the wicker reeds are breaking off.

My dining room table that has a leaf was sent with one piece of glass to fit the table when it seats six. When the leaf is in the glass top obvious does not fit a table for eight. Also the leaf does not fit this table. It is unusable. It was made for another table.

When they do return my call which is about 1 in 20 calls they say they are going to do something about it but they never do.

I ordered this in May and they lost it en route. I received this furniture in September. It is guaranteed to be here in 60-90 days.

  • Valerie Dec 28, 2006

    In general, direct buy items such as electronics and appliances are available locally at or near the same prices, only ordering through direct buy you have to wait for weeks to receive your item and pay for shipping and handling, then pick it up at the direct buy warehouse. On blinds and window treatments, they require a fee paid person to measure your windows, plus a trip fee, then they strongly suggest you have their installer go out, for another fee, and install the treatment.

    If you need an item (appliance, electronics, or equipment) quickly, forget it! You have to order, wait for it to be shipped to the direct buy warehouse, then arrange for it to be picked up and delivered to you. The savings doesn't outweigh the inconvenience! If you have an refrigerator or washer breaks down completely) you will have to buy locally and forget your ability to buy at a discount through direct buy.

    I have made several efforts to use the direct buy system, that for the first three years of buying privileges will cost me $4995.00, and my attempts have all resulted in making my purchases locally, at substantial savings.

    I am very disappointed in my decision to sign a contract with direct buy and would advise anyone entering any binding agreement to not do it quickly. Direct buy tells you that when you have completed the presentation and are offered the membership, you must sign up right then or forfet the opportunity for seven years. I am learning never to enter any contract if it requires immediate commitment.

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  • Ja
    Jamal Jul 26, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My two cents, , I have been a DirectBuy member for 3yrs and people who criticize DiretBuy normally aren’t member, the place is designed for people who are true shoppers. Lumber and other comodites are not carried but if you are remodeling, funishing or buying your home its more than worth it! People come in doubting the cost prices DirectBuy is made for people who shop there are in each category many different supplies to choose from if you look, coming in one day and making a judgement is unfair you should join before you downplay DirectBuy.. Thank You

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  • Di
    DirectBuy Victim May 19, 2009

    DirectBuy doesn't know what a promise is nor do they have any customer service ethics.
    Help spread the word...
    A Federal Class Action lawsuit against DirectBuy has been filed by Izard Nobel LLP. Contact information is as follows
    Lead Attorney - Jeff Nobel
    email - [email protected]
    toll free phone# - (800) 797-5499
    Please contact them so justice may prevail & we can get our hard earned money aka "membership fees" back.

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  • Ca
    carson318_702 Oct 01, 2009

    Wow... My family has been with Directbuy for a couple years now and we love them... Everybody we ever come in to contact with is always very pleasant and helpful. Could mean we got the better store though, I am not sure. We've paid for wood flooring throughout. My crib mattress, fireplace tv console, just ordered the granite for my countertops... I wonder if these people are truely looking at prices and comparing apples to apples with other products... Sure we could have gone somewhere else and gotten cheaper wood flooring... Thats of course after you downgrade to the cheap crap that doesn't last. To the people that complain that it takes so long being in the store picking your things out of catalogues: You are IDIOTS--- you signed up knowing that everything is through catalogues. You know that they get it from the manufacturer.. How is it their fault that YOU decided to wait the last minute to get something remodeled b4 your special event. People complaining that the furniture takes too long-- OF COURSE you have to be patient! It's going through the manufacturer NOT through some warehouse with dozens of the same peices sit waiting to get purchased. Let me guess, you've never purchased a sofa set customized in a particular fabric or whatever before have you? Hmm.. Seems to me that these people have never done any kind of remodeling, and are used to getting things cookie-cutter that EVERYONE else has too.

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  • Be
    BeverlyFyler1 Sep 06, 2018
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    Verified customer

    I needed to use my warranty and what the heck the company is no longer open.

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  • Bu
    Buck Margold Nov 12, 2018
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    Verified customer

    I purchased a direct buy policy and cannot find them to submit a claim

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