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Beware: Before signing any contract with this Direct Buy Store, make sure they really carry the products that they claim to. Even though they mentioned 3 times during the presentation that they carried a certain brand of cameras plus had that brand catelog on the shelf: they informed me that they did not work with this camera company. This happened after I signed a contract with them and placed an order. They misrepresented what companies they work with. They would not make good on this situation afterwards and would not relieve me of the membership. They do not honor the promise of reducing the cost 15% of an item that one finds cheaper than they offer it.

sending me to collections after canceling membership

My husband and I bought our empty house in 2008, when we saw adds for DirectBuy, we thought what a great way to save money!!! So we went to the showroom in Rockland, MA. They showed us a video and listened to their sales pitch.. It worked, by the end of the day, we ended up signing a contract. They had us sign a contract-$5000 plus membership fee... $279 plus per month for a couple of years... Well, by the time we got around to wanting to buy furniture, the market crashed and it didn't make sense to charge on our credit card meanwhile, we were paying the monthly fee for not using it. After about 2 months, my husband called to cancel the membership... We didn't hear from them for awhile until today July 7th, 2010. The agent calls me at my workplace. She says, We have been trying to contact you. You haven't made a payment since April 2009. We are Beta Finance. A collection agency. We are required by law to make this phone call." In the meantime, I 'm thinking, I am not late on anything. Then she said the magic word... DirectBuy. I told her that we had cancelled the membership months ago. She proceeds to say that there wasn't a way that you could cancel and that they work together and that I had taken out a loan by signing the contract with DirectBuy. I responded with "I cancelled that membership months ago." Without any response out of her, she hangs up the phone!! "I was baffled. My husband and I spoke with the owners ourselves of the Rockland DirectBuy and he failed to mention that it was a loan we were agreeing to. I think Direct Buy is a scam and don't fall for it like we did!!

  • Di
    DIRECT LIE VICTIM Feb 09, 2011

    I am a victim of the biggest scam since Enron/Madoff scam! My thing is with all of the complaint's about this company why haven't our Judicial system taken a look into this issue it makes you wonder hum...? and why haven't there been an outcry from other furniture businesses? you would think they would get together and try to put a stop to this because ...for every person DIRECT LIE messes over it's a potential customer the competition losses out on because NOW they don't have the money to shop at their business !!!

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everything sucks

My husband and I got dooped into joining Direct Buy about 1 year ago. They kiss your butt during those...

loss of money/ no help

Please whatever you don't get roped into this store...
The savings they claim do not work out from the all the shipping and freight charges, just go to your local store. Also, we bought our very high end expinsive fridge(almost $3, 000)here and when it stopped working in under a year the company, Samsung does not consider Direct Buy a store. IN turn this ment we could not exchange out the item and had to wait months for a refund check. Over and over I heard from Samsung that if we just went to a local retailer, we would not have this issue. I went in person back to direct by to see if I could get any help with all the money I was lossing, on the freight and shipping and tax...Direct Buy stated they could not help at all but order a new fridge with all those charges again.
Please just don't be another victum...

  • Ed
    Ed E Mar 25, 2011

    I have been a 'member' for a year and our local 'showroom' closed without notice from the local store or Direct Buy corporate. After attempting to contact Direct Buy corporate for over a month, I finally reach a human and was told they had no responsibility for local showrooms and there would be no cancellations, refunds or other 'adjustments' made. Direct Buy corporate does not stand behind their local reps. If they close the doors, it's up to you to go after the franchisees. I would not recommend Direct Buy to my worst enemy. Oh, I was advised I could go on line and shop just as I would with any other web site except they don't charge any fees. Think about it!!

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phone calls

Today, on Memorial Day, we received a phone call from a telamarketer from Direct Buy. She spoke with my...

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rip off

Direct buy arkansas, little rock and nwa, never... never... buy anything this way! little rock & bentonville arkansas

This company changes its name frequently because of a poor consumer record. it was formerly known as ucctotalhome.

There are many online reports on both companies regarding their poor consumer record. look up "direct buy scam" on any search engine.

Since you are reading this you probably don't know much about how a company like this does business.

A company with a dubious product or service for sale (like this one) will attempt to use coercive persuasion to make you buy. this may be a 'fear of loss' technique (you will not be able to tour the showroom and check prices again for 7 years if you don't buy a membership today) or 'power close' techniques to 'intimidate' you into buying. remember, they have nothing to lose... they will not see you again if you don't buy 'today' so they are liable to try anything that might 'close the sale' with your personality type.

Time share is sold this way and some health club memberships because so many people drop out and don't use their memberships. they are really just selling 'time' to use their facility... they have virtually no additional expenses when you join.

The contract, which no attorney would ever let you sign, is so one sided that it is patently fraudulent. but since you cannot take it home to review it... most people who do join based on hype and inaccurate claims, find themselves holding a document that gives them virtually nothing for their money.

They are selling the equivalent of a sams club membership for thousands!

You can normally find better pricing on the internet (that deliver to your home, not a warehouse) so directbuy selling for thousands is a total ripoff!

You are paying for a 'buying club' that gives almost no service, has prices that can be beaten by almost any discount retailer. they hide behind a clever contract that gives you no rights to contest anything.

Avoid! if it were a good, decent company they would be happy to let you pay monthly.

But if they did that no one would ever stay with the membership.

Consumer review
Little rock, arkansas
U.s. a.

  • Ow
    Owl Aug 15, 2009

    My wife surfed the web for furniture stores locally, stumbled across Directbuy. she called them, made an appointment to see their showroom.

    they asked if she had children, she said yes, they told her she would need to find a babysitter because the children would not be allowed to come. she thought this was strange...

    then they asked her if she was married, she said yes. they said i had to accompany her on the visit. she explained that i despise shopping, and she would be coming alone. they insisted she bring me. she blew up at this point, telling the phone rep "I'M AN ADULT WOMAN, I DON'T NEED TO BRING ANYONE WITH ME TO BUY SOMETHING. I'LL BUY WHATEVER I WANT WHENEVER I WANT, AND YOU WON'T TELL ME WHO HAS TO COME HOLD MY HAND!"

    it went downhill from there. i researched directbuy on the web thereafter, discovering it was a monster scam.

    i kind of wish we'd have gone to the open house, nothing enrages me like a surprise $6000 initiation fee.

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Request price quote by phone, the reception took all info and name and told me will call back. no response so...

no saving, waste of time and money

Direct Buy is a waste of time and money, I can't believe I was suckered into this scam. I am normally good at fingering a scam, but because I was redecorating I thought it would be a good ideal. NO such luck, they don't have the vendors I am interested in, they tell you to go to to request new vendors and the does not exist. Looking through catalogs is boring and time consuming. YOu can't find stores to go to, to look at the product. I am so mad at myself for falling for this so called membership. Please run as fast as you can, DON'T DO IT.

  • Sk
    skyqueen1948 Jun 01, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    So did you pay the exorbitant membership price? We went to one of their presentations thinking we could afford the cost, boy we were wrong!! We were remodeling our bathroom, saw the ad on tv and thinking we would save money thru Direct Buy, again we were wrong! I managed to do the whole remodel for under $2000.00 by shopping the sales and haggling for seconds. Sorry you were taken by this company. Doesn't the company have a money back policy? Take care and use your intuition.

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Direct Buy Home Improvement & Furnishings Club seems to have shifted from flooding the TV, promoting their over-priced/under-valued club membership, now to spamming... tacky.

To unsubscribe, they request either to mail them to get off their list (what the heck) or visit their website where a great deal of information is required to do so concluded by a message that their Internet Compliance Agent will be in contact in order to complete the un-subscription... is this company for real???? I still get their spam every day!

Stay away from this company folks!!!

payments and membership cancellation

Joined Direct Buy of Lancaster, PA in 2/2008. Payments made to Beta Finance were "misplaced" on several...

bad business practice and outright lying to consumers

I am a former employee who knows first hand that this company is a scam and a joke. I am currently detailing...

pyramid scheme

Direct Buy is nothing but a pyramid scheme. When someone joins, the person who made the original phone call...

unauthorized charge

OK people stop calling me the first complaint I posted gave you my phone number, and my address for thi...

direct buy texas do not join

Direct Buy Texas
Do not sign up! We did and have buyers remorse. Called 2 days later, have not used anything from them. Cannot get our money back. If you sign a contract in Texas at the place of business you cannot get your money back. I am sure there are plenty of people that could possibly use their services but this is not for us and I cannot believe that a company will not even refund money when someone has never used their services. Their comments were that there is no Trial and that is a lie because if you go to their website supposedly they have a free 30 day trial? If you sign up do it by ck so you can put a stop pay on it if you decide not to after you have signed their paperwork. I am sure they will probably sue but oh well at this point I just want my money and them stopped. Yes we were stupid and tired as we did this on a Friday evening and by the time we were done it was 10 or after and I just wanted out of there.


This is a company which needs to be shut down. It is nothing more than a scam!! To see we purchase the membership and cannot cancel and only to have patronizing officers and service reps to give us loads of we can do this or that until the refund time period is over is a load and a true outright crime. These are people of LOW integrity and the only HIGH Priced ITEMS with NO VALUE was the membership!!!

Customer Service?? Fail
Professionalism??? FAIL
Handling of complaints?? DRASTIC FAIL

These people are lower the belly of a snake...Worse than cockroach infested telemarketers calling after hours. I would be ASHAMED to work their more than I am that I bought a membership and the only reason I tell people I bought one is so I can WARN them not to do the same. The outpour of complaints after seeing so many sites with the same responses only leads me to believe this cannot be legal and must be stopped with so many of us. I have started an account "scammedbyDirectBuy AT Yahoo" anyone wants to send me info such as detailed stories and locations of outlet and their name and numbers for future contact would be good. I am speaking to a personal friend to see the legal actions possible for this and get him to take it on for us pro-bono (no costs to us unless he wins)

Please post at all sites about this company as we need to spread the word of these scammers for hurting them where it hurts and their pockets not that of the honest working folks!!!


  • Cm
    C McGraw Mar 23, 2014

    I've been had by them !!! I paid the first year and even more, the business is now closed and eventhough I didn't even bought a screw from that store, they still want me to send them $200. a month for another year and a half or so. Crelogix are after me saying my name will be at the credit bureau if I don't pay. I froze everything and they won't have another penny from me.

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sketchy from the top down.

Son of DirectBuy founder says he was forced out of dad's company
By Dan Hinkel - dan.[protected], [protected] | Posted: Thursday, January 21, 2010 12:00 am | 1 Comment
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HAMMOND | The son of the founder of home furnishing buying club company DirectBuy is suing the Merrillville-based company's parent group over alleged age discrimination, accusing DirectBuy's corporate parent of depriving him of $900, 000 in yearly pay when he was purportedly forced to retire at age 53.
Sara Butler, spokeswoman for DirectBuy parent United Consumers Club, said her company's leaders "could not disagree more strongly with the allegations"of plaintiff Jack Gagan.
"All employees are given equal employment opportunity without regard to age, sex, race, religion, national origin, disability, genetic information or any other category protected by applicable law, " she said.
"The company looks forward to defeating Mr. Gagan's claims in court, " she said.
Gagan claims in a lawsuit filed last week in Hammond federal court that after Trivest Partners bought United Consumers Club in 2007, the company's president, who is slightly younger than Gagan, demanded in 2008 that Gagan retire at age 53. Gagan, who had been the parent company's vice president of merchandising, told United President Scott Powell and the company's lawyer that he did not want to retire until age 65, the suit claims.
But Powell and the lawyer persisted, according to the suit. On July 22, 2008, the men asked Gagan if he wanted to publically announce his retirement at a manager's meeting the next day, the suit claims. During the same meeting, the men said they wanted to fire one of the company's oldest employees, a 63-year-old man with a "demonstrated record of excellent job performance, " and Gagan spoke against the firing, Gagan alleges.
At the end of that meeting, Gagan was told not to come to work the next day, according to the suit. Company officials told Gagan, who made a $600, 000 salary and $75, 000 quarterly bonuses in 2007, he should "consult" for the company from home and, if they needed his help, they would contact him, the suit claims.
United Consumers Club executives announced Gagan's retirement a few days later, Gagan claims.
The company has continued to fire employees upwards of 40, the suit claims.
Gagan's attorney could not be reached Thursday for comment.
Jack Gagan's father, James L. Gagan Sr., founded DirectBuy in Merrillville in 1971. The company's franchises offer members home furnishings at what the company calls "direct insider prices." Jack Gagan was recently hired as an executive with Khoury Furniture, according to furniture industry trade publications

selling your contract to universal

When we first attended the "selective" meeting of Direct Buy, we thought they presented a fairly good case. Boy were we sucked in!! I wanted to leave as soon as they said "this is your first and last chance to join, if you leave without joining, you will not be able to come back". We were just about to build a house and my husband said - it will be okay. Shortly after that, the recession hit our business and we laid off employees I asked Direct Buy if we could get out of the contract. Well it seems that you do not deal with Direct Buy - they sold your contract to a Finance Company called Universal who have hounded by work and are the rudest bunch of individuals you don't want to meet. I answered a phone at my office and said "I'll call you back, I'm in a meeting" the response from the other end was "what did you answer the phone for" - FYI - I HAVE TO ANSWER THE PHONE AS WE HAVE HAD TO LAY PEOPLE OFF SO WE CAN SURVIVE!!! They call late at night and early Sunday morning - we owe about $230 and there is no way we can get out of the contract for $3, 000 - we will never be able to afford to build, let alone survive the success of our business. They do not care!! I know a contract is a contract, however, we did not anticipate the huge delivery costs for each item and the time it takes to go through their awful website to see what you need. The showrooms : they dump a load of books in front of you and say...let me know when you've decided what you need. All you get are catalog shopping and costly delivery costs. I WISH I HAD SEEN THIS COMPLAINTS WEBSITE before we wasted our time and money. We now have a mark against our name when in actual fact - they are the fakes.

  • Uc
    UCC Directbuy Scam victim Feb 01, 2010

    You bet your ###, they say to you.. "If you leave now, you will never be able to join again" And give us a list of names (Victims) so we can call them too. So many red flags we missed. Just call me a dumb ###.

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very bad investment

This company will draw you in like a time share does and explain how the average consumer spends 11000 a year on purchases. They claim they will get you the product you want for cost with no mark ups or overhead that usual big companys pay such as electricity advertising bldg cost and its' employees. THIS IS TOTAL CRAP, they charge you the same or possibly more after you pay their freight cost and are inconvienenced by driving and hour to their showroom. At their showroom, when you are first there they treat you like kings and tell you they have 700 vendors and are growing but in the few months ive been a customer of the $5500 ive invested, ive saved maybe 500 dollars after buying a stainless steel samsung refrigerator, panasonic surround sound and a bissell hard floor cleaner. We would have purchased much more items but usually we can find a better price, which is INSANE! When you figure out this and ask their handful of employees you will get the same blank stare and complete avoidance of your question as if they were trained to do so. If you find somthing priced right and order, you will wait to get it and returns are not allowed. BUYER BEWARE

  • Di
    Direct buy victim Apr 27, 2014

    They schedule sales visit for Saturday and are closed Sunday and Monday. They do not cover it but there is an option to cancel the contract within in 3 days of signing - so very hard to do and is very specific on how you deliver the cancellation. I made the deadline to cancel with certified and receipt signature, . Contract says they have 10 days to refund the 5500. They are several weeks late doing that to date. Phone calls do not work. I will be getting in their face personally this week. This is much worse than a timeshare scam. I am going to try to get the local investigative news people on this scam.

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  • Cr
    Crooked DirectBuy Jun 28, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    On June 13, 2014 we signed a $5, 690 dollar contract with Carl Miller at DirectBuy in Farmers Branch after 6 PM. The next day we went back to the store and found that things didn't work as we had understood. We canceled in person with Carl Miller our contract on June 14, 2014 at 4PM. We were given a credit card receipt and the 72 Hour "Notice of Cancellation" signed receipted from Carl Miller and he told us that it would be in our credit card account within 5 days. . We have sent messages and calls and as of June 27 we have still not received our credit on our credit card account and have had to start a complaint with our Credit Card company against DirectBuy on Midway in Farmers Branch for refusing to process our credit. Beware, they are bad. .

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class action lawsuit info

I found this information when researching direct buy and wanted to post it where all posters alledging direct...


direct buy is an absurd scam, after seeing a movie narrated by a pretty robotlike girl, extolling the merits of the group, you are told that the membership is $6000.00 and that you must join that night, when asked why they give you a trumped up reason that it has to do with "confidentiality" Then you are told that you must join that night or never get another chance to join.. what a load of garbage...steer clear of these crooks or you will regret it !

  • Na
    Nabster Dec 18, 2009

    Lisa Hart is a spokesperson. And maybe a little robot like. So be it. So is Larry King, except uglier. :-)
    Different centers have different dues, and different programs. They are franchised. You had a bad experience with a lousy salesman sounds like, and seemingly you had no need or upcoming purchases.

    Confidentiality is real. And 800+ manufacturers would not participate in a scam. Especially giving DB cost pricing. Unfortunately, DB is restricted from publishing or allowing pricing outside the Centers. Common sense says the mfg'ers require that. It is a difficult part of the process, but understand too, DB cant be a public library of confidential prices. People would abuse that and use it against the stores. Margins of savings vary on products and it depends upon level of quality you desire. Entry level products come with marginal savings. Moderate to high end products realize greater mark ups and greater savings.
    A unique program, for sure, and really for those who have some purchases that they are needing to make.

    I work for DirectBuy, Cool Springs Tn. We do things right. With Integrity, we honor our guests - we dont beat them up.
    This is why we are successful. What goes around comes around. Check local BBB for the center near you and understand your need before going in. Leave if it isnt right for you.
    Merry Christmas.

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