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I didn't give permission for the amounts of $49.99 to be taken out of my direct express account. I've tried for day's to contact direct express to file a despute against this fraudulent transaction but it keeps telling me they are resulting in high call volume and then hangs up . I got to talk to someone on September 4, 2019 who replaced my card and I was transferred to make a dispute with higher level team. Once transferred it stated that they was having HGH call volumes call back later . I've been trying hours, days since and no answer just hangs up. The $49.99 since June 2019 dollars are Adding up so far $199.96 that was token out of my account was not of my consent to do so. I need to get result in this matter on getting my money but back. This are benefits that my daughter live on and I'm her payee . I need to know how I can make a despute against this fraudulent transaction since I cannot contact anyone from direct express

Sep 04, 2019
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  • Ti
      Sep 10, 2019

    I'm going through the same thing. I order off of uber eats and they delivered the wrong order so I canceled it and ask for a refund they said that they it out and that I should check with the bank to see why they haven't issued it back to me and I been call the Direct Express number and all it keep saying is that they are experience high call volume right now please try again later and hangs up smh this happen on the 30th. I just want my $42.50 back

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  • Sh
      Sep 28, 2019

    @Tiffany Bing It doesn’t matter if you complain. Nothing is ever addressed. I called them on 9-25 to report $20.00 overpayment to Mexican-owned beauty salon called TuPeluqueria in West Columbia SC. DE took info, gave me incident report, told me I had to respond to complaint within 10 days. No forms ever sent. I am holding now after being told it would be 45 min wait (32 min so far). I’ll wait till Christmas. Everybody, just put phone on speaker, watch fav movie and wait. Your phone record will prove this farce of company. I’m changing to old-fashioned mail rather than use these losers.

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