Direct Expressivr transfer funds stolen unauthorized

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On the third of August 2018 when I attempted to withdraw funds from my direct express card I was told my pin number was locked and had to be changed indicating a problem I changed my pin number and when I checked my balance I only had 134. 60 left in my account from a 1, 230. 00 deposit made at 1 am. I had only made one 7 dollar purchase from Dunkins before I noticed the missing funds. I attempted to call Direct Express numerous times and was unable to get through due to high call volume. I went to my local Social security office in Manchester New Hampshire they gave me a printout of the deposit but denied any responsibility related to Direct Express. I called my state senator's office who was instrumental in getting me Direct Express fraud number not listed to the public. I spoke with 2 seperate agents one identifies as Nancy who refused to give me a worker badge ID number she transferred me to Josh a level 4 fraud investigator who also refused to give me a worker badge ID number. When I asked him to provide the information as to who transferred my funds and where they were transferred to he told me I needed to verify the transfer information. I informed him I couldn't verify something I never authorized he also refused to talk to my son who was advocating for me claiming he can't speak to a third party even though I authorized my son to do so he was more concerned about being recorded. He gave me a SR # 1-[protected] and I am waiting for a complaint form. He also charged me 4 dollars for a replacement card for something that wasn't my fault. I informed him that I am also waiting for a complaint form from the consumer financial protection bureau. I faxed a letter to Direct Express in San Antonio Texas stating all the agencies I contacted about the fraud. The only reason I got a new card is to attempt to retrieve my stolen funds. Once I retrieve them I will no longer be using Direct Express. I am also uncomfortable with the fact that I had to give my Social security number to Direct Express in order to place a fraud complaint. Now the agents have my personal information. It is hard enough being on a fixed income without being robbed by the agency that handles your funds and then have no one involved including the Social security administration willing to take responsibility for the fraud committed by this agency. All my bills are overdue and I can't even use what little funds they left me as I have to wait 14 business days for the replacement card

ivr transfer funds stolen unauthorized
ivr transfer funds stolen unauthorized
ivr transfer funds stolen unauthorized


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    Cyndi Jenkins Oct 04, 2018

    The same thing just happened to me! I called Direct Express for over 2 hours during which I got hung up on due to 'high volume of calls". Finally the police officer who took my report got through and customer service refused to give him a direct call number for fraud. When I finally spoke to fraud, first of all she could barely speak English making the conversation even harder, she took my claim but refused to give me a direct phone number for fraud. She even had the audacity to ask if I want to keep this card open! She then sent me to a recorded message saying they are sending forms to fill out. The recording states it will take 45 days unless it is a foreign then 90 days, This IVR transfer took $600.72 and a transfer fee of 1.50 0vernight yet I wont get any results for 45-90 days. What is a person to do, tell my utility company and mortgage company, sorry I cant pay you for 45-90 days?

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