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I-was-having-trouble-with-my-direct-deposit-card-as-I'm55&disabled-so-I-decided-to-change-my-direct-deposit-card-from-netspend-as-4-the-last-3-months-my-card-has-been-compromised-so-I-went-with-direct-express.Well-the-1st.-card-I-received-did'nt-work-when-I-tryed-to-activate-the-card, So-I-called-them&it-took-about-20minutes-for-a-live-person-to-answer&he-said-he-would-send-me-another-card&that-would-take-7to10days-to-arrive-or-if-I-pay-13.50-it-will-be-here-in-2days-so-I-did-that-as-my-rent-was-due&I-could'nt-wait-7to-10-days.Then-when-I-got-that-card-I-could'nt-activate-it-either.C'mon-I-could-see-one-card-but-both-of-them!Then-I-called-the-S.S.-office&they-called-the-company-on-my-behalf-when-I-started-to-speak-that-lady-was-so-rude-to-me&informed-me-she-was-talking-to-him-not-me&she's-lucky-we-were'nt-face-to-face-cause-I-would-have-bashed-her-right-in-the-mouth.


  • Jo
    joey23434 Feb 21, 2012

    US Direct Express Customer Service are Very Rude, They had a Security Breach This Month Feb, 2012. and now I have to wait 45 Days to get my money back and all this happen on their Computer system, Not sure why I have to wait, I had it with US Direct Express I will Cancel this card...

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  • To
    Tommy Byrd Oct 16, 2018

    @joey23434 I had $200.00 come up missing between my card and the electric company REC that one of Muscatine Iowa has cause it said it was taken off my card but the electric company said they hadn't received!! Not only was I treated like a thief by the fraud department but they said it had to be my wife!! Here's the funny part!!! Three months later I got a call and even though the fraud department did such a great job that I was just making it up, my money was found long and behold by me because the electric company had missed places it and obviously Direct Express didn't do that good a job!! But because of their screw up I lost my place due to back up bills due to electricity

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  • Us
    usdirectexpress Jan 29, 2014

    In my opinion, the USDIRECTEXPRESS SECUITY breach was placed there by design. Any USDIRECTEXPRESS account that is suspended, blocked, or frozen will ultimately put those suspended U.S. TREASURY deposits on the books for longer periods of time. When money that is normally withdrawn rapidly by SSA recipients is conveniently withheld from them by the fat-cat bankers on Wall Street... due to some mysterious "so-called" security breach, well then that money goes on Comerica Bank's "positive ballance sheet" for that month. Sometimes when banks get in over their heads with "bad-debt" that is bleeding red ink on their books, they engineer seemingly ingenious plans to disguise the losses to their shareholders. Also, after those frozen funds show a positive ballance on the bank's books, that balance-sheet can then be used as collateral to borrow up to 10-Times (10 X) the "reported balance" from the federal reserve. That is utter CRAP!! Visit USDIRECTEXPRESSCRAP.COM USDIRECTEXPRESS, USDIRECT EXPRESS, DIRECTEXPRESSCARD,

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  • Ra
    RACKNOMORE!! Jun 21, 2014

    I went to the supermarket and my card was denied although I had sufficient funds. I returned home and contacted Direct Express and was informed that they had canceled my care due to some questionable activity. I asked what the activity was and where the transaction took place. They said they did not have that information. Naturally I was dumbfounded. I asked why I wasn't notified that my card was being canceled. They said they had contacted me. They never called or sent an email about the so called activity. This is the fourth time that I have had to be issued a new card. (They claim it was only twice.) This means that I have to contact all the businesses that I have automatic payments with and will sustain late fees for payments due this week.. I was told that I would have to wait 7 to 10 days to receive my new card. This company is one the worst I have ever had the misfortune to do business with. I wonder how this Mickey Mouse bank secured the contract to distribute social security payments. It's in Texas so I guess GW had something to do with it. If they do this to a 100K people a month the bank has over a million dollars sitting on the balance sheet for money that is not theirs. I will be contacting my elected representatives in Washington and request an audit and forensic investigation of these incompetent crooks.

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  • Pb
    PbGr Oct 25, 2014

    I have had the exact same treatment, card disabled, can only use debate . They have no information, they have never sent a notice, my last phone call to them, they said they are sending a new card, but have No idea when it will be sent. Not only rude people, but they cannot answer even a simple question . Again the government has given a corp a very large contract without demanding a level of service above kindergarten.
    They have total control of our SS funds and we can only wait .

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  • On
    OneMadChick22 Dec 24, 2015

    So my payee and I have both called and have asked about my direct express card. Every time that she calls they always hang up on her. I talked to the supervisor and they still refuse to give any information to what is going on. I am tired of the games that these people are playing. We just simply want to know why if a card was issued December 1, 2015 why we have not received anything, and it is currently December 24, 2015?

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  • Mi
    Mindy Grim May 23, 2016

    anyone who has every had an unresolved issue with the us direct express debit mastercard issued by comerica bank on behalf of the social security admin. should contact:



    she has got fires lit under employees b**ts for mistreatment of customers and mishandling of customer accounts

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