C Aug 10, 2018

So, I have a few people I know who worked for Dillard's and/or still work for Dillard's in Clarksville, IN at Greentree Mall who have been fired and who are being fired due to not meeting their sph (sales per hour). I wish more people knew about how Dillard's does their employees just because they do not meet their shp (sales per hour) they fire them. These are people who have families to support that are getting fired or being told since they have not met their sph they are going to be fired. Which leaves these employees to go out and find other jobs in 2 weeks or less.

I hope people get the word out and stop going to Dillard's until they change this. Because if they do not get enough business or have to many workers working how are they suppose to make their sph. I feel bad for the families of Dillard's employees. Dillard's please change this.

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