It was supposed to be the best week of the year, our family vacation. On June 5th, we arrived three hours early at the Midway Airport in Chicago to fly to New York at 1 PM, where my family and I had a connecting flight to Malaga, Spain, for our summer vacation. All of the tickets we had were for Delta Airline flights. At 12:30 PM, the Delta personnel at Midway told us that plane will start boarding at 1:00 PM, but we didn’t get on the plane until 1:30 PM. On top of that, we had to wait on the plane for another 45 minutes before the flight actually took off for New York. By the way, the weather in Chicago was gorgeous and we saw no reason that a delay would be necessary. In addition, when we were checking our luggage, the Delta employee who was helping was very unpleasant and rude towards us. We were surprised, thinking that Delta has a reputation for being a good airline.
We started to be nervous, not knowing if we were going to make our connecting flight in New York. We landed at LaGuardia airport, but our connecting flight was actually out of JFK airport, and it took us a while to eventually get to JFK without there being some sort of shuttle. We finally arrived at the JFK airport one hour before departure from New York to Malaga, and they told us we were too late and we were not allowed to board the plane and that we were late and we had to rebook the flight. The next flight available was 24 hours later. We tried to talk to the manager, but there was no manger for us to talk to and nobody else cared if we were late. It was Friday and instead of being in Malaga on Saturday, we were stuck in New York and will be in Malaga on Sunday. We had already made reservation to see Albrahandra in Granada on that Sunday, the day after we were supposed to arrive. We spent 56 Euro for non-refundable tickets to go see one of the most famous Spanish landmarks. Unfortunately, we were unable to visit this location during our trip in Spain.
So we had to wait for two and a half hours in line to rebook our flight to Malaga for the next day. Nobody wanted to talk to us, but eventually someone said that because of the weather we have to pay for the hotel on our own. At this point it’s 11:00 PM, and we’re tired and try to look for the place to sleep. We got a horrible hotel ($160) that was right next to the airport and we had to have dinner at the ($90 for 3 people) while we waited for the next flight. I already lost $ 320 because of Delta on the way to Malaga. Also, to add to the annoyances, on the plane, the in flight screen that is available for all passengers was broken where I was seated.
On the way back to Chicago, on June 13th, trying to avoid any surprises, we arrived at the airport in the Malaga earlier, which ended up not doing us any good because the flight left five hours late anyway. We just could not believe it, but we sat for five hours waiting for the plane. They gave us 30 Euro vouchers for food. Delta airlines put us on a bus in hot weather, trying to transport us from the airport to the plane. We were on the bus for a good thirty minutes before the bus actually left to the plane, leaving us standing there in the heat because the bus was not air-conditioned.
Needless to say, we arrived to New York five hours late so we missed our connecting flight to Chicago and the next plane that day to Chicago. We stayed in the line to reschedule for another flight. They told us that next plane would leave next morning at nine. They wanted to give us discount for the hotel, but I was so upset about whole situation that I decided that we would sleep on the airport instead going to the hotel. We spoke to the manager and told us that he cannot give us free hotel. So, we were sitting for some time, trying to figure out what to do next, and a guy from Delta came back and took our tickets and came back a few minutes later with vouchers for food and a free hotel pass. We could not believe it: we needed to sleep in the same horrible hotel we slept in before when we were going to Malaga. They gave us $21 voucher for dinner, where we spent $56 on just three hamburgers.
It was our vacation trip to Spain that was supposed to be relaxing vacation and Delta airlines spoiled it. I lost one day of my vacation, which costs $1000 a day for my condo. The weather had nothing to due with the delays our Delta flights experienced. In today’s economy airlines, should work harder to give good business to the people who spend money on their flights. We know for sure that we will never fly with Delta again. I think the people who work there do not care about customers. They do not know how to satisfy costumer. If they do not know how to do something so simple, they should not be working in positions that put them in contact with customers. I will make sure that all my friends and family will never use Delta again. That is a promise.

Kordas Maria with husband Dr. Bonczak Boguslaw

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