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Went Del Taco on 3540 South Labrea in Los Angeles at 2am, was gonna order and the guy in the drive thru said they couldn't take orders cause they're resetting the company. I know they can take cash, they just didn't want to work. That's ridiculous and disgusting behavior. I would get rid of workers who don't want to work, and you Del Taco are losing money because of there laziness. Today is May 4th, 2am staff. You really need to talk with them or actually let them go...

  • Updated by Marc Tomlin, May 04, 2019

    3540 South La Brea Avenue in Los Angeles, May 4th, 2am, your lazy staff said they couldn't take orders cause they were resetting the cash registers. That's BS, they can take cash, they just don't want to work, let that staff go, their useless and were supwr blaise about the whole thing. They are an embarrassed to your company... I've been to other "24" hour stops and they don't play these games. Please address this cause you're losing money by these workers you have who won't do their job

  • Updated by Marc Tomlin, May 04, 2019

    Area supervisor needs to talk to these lazy workers... That's a darn shame

May 04, 2019
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  • Bu
      May 04, 2019

    You are only ASSuming that they don't want to work. Kids these days.

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  •   May 04, 2019

    Cash goes into the register, too. They reset at two a.m. because they have less customers at that time. You need patience for a few minutes because they’re probably told not to take cash unless they can ring it in. Otherwise the cash might be forgotten and pocketed.

    You try working at two a.m.m in a quiet place without trying to stay awake

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