Del Tacoridiculously long wait time in drive thru

B Oct 02, 2019

Never ever had such an experience took me almost an hour to get through the drive thru at the del taco at 2534 E Ave S, Palmdale, CA 93550. If i could get out of the drive thru, i would have..i dont know if they were having issues inside but they should have let us one came outside to let us know that it would take an hour to get through..not figuratively but literally 1 hour..this happened 50 minutes ago.. 10/1/2019 around 11:45 pm. Please let them know that it is not ok to do this..they really did not care..when i finally got to the window..i asked if they had my food ready..if they did not..i was going to leave since i was not going to wait another half hour for it..i have never submitted this type of complaint but their disregard for the customer's time is what angered me the most..i would be happy to provide more details if you will actually do something about this my # is [protected]..Ben..otherwise, they will just keep on doing it since there are no consequences..

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