Del Tacoleft my phone on the counter and they took it

N Jun 13, 2019 Review updated:

Restaurant 1160 WAll Ave Ogden UT 84404
Left my phone on the counter after ordering take out, I returned 30 min latter to see if it was there, the manager said no I haven't seen it, I called my son because he had loaded a find my phone app for me, he checked and located my phone at Del Taco. I returned again and asked for my phone, the manager was rude and said no we don't have it, I said I know it's here and I'm going to call the police, magically they found it. They are rude and thieves, I get it's a low paying job but stealing is wrong! And they never even apologized, my son stopped by to talk to the manager and she was rude and said I can't help that old people leave stuff, he asked for her bosses phone number and she wouldn't give it to him. This is not a restaurant that I will ever go to again and I'll let everyone I know how I was treated, I get kids do bad things but if you don't have good leadership in the store that will own mistakes how can you expect the team to succeed.


  • SubSquirrel Jun 14, 2019

    I’m glad you got your phone back. Maybe the manager didn’t know it was found and looked around and saw it. You assume someone stole it but you have no proof of that. A clerk may have found it and moved it without telling the manager.

    I’d contact the franchise owner and tell them about your situation. If theft is involved, they need to know.

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