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After putting my 2 and 3 year olds in the car we went down the road the slightly more than half a mile distance to take advantage of the special Tuesday Taco 3 for $1.49. According to my GPS I arrived at the selection/speaker window just before 11pm. I asked for the special and the girl over the speaker said it is only good until 11pm. I saide my clock says 10:59. She responded she has 11:00. I then say the deal is good until 11pm and she still refused to serve me at the special price. I could see there was no point in arguing with her as she was determined to not to honor your discount rates. This occured at the store at 43999 15th St W, Lancaster, CA 93534. I was there earlier in the day but it was an impossible line. I have to use the drive through because of my babies. There were eight cars in line. The time for the one at the window clicked at over 10 minutes for their order so the wait would have been absurdly long as they were obviosly slow. It now seems obvious as to why they are rated so incredibly low on Yelp.


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    Everywhere Nov 20, 2019

    You took your kids, ages 2 and 3 years old, with you to a freakin' Del Taco at 11PM, just so you could feed your face? What kind of parent are you? Secondly, THE SPECIAL ENDS AT 11PM. The employee informed you it was 11PM by THEIR clock (also the same clock they open and close by) and you still want to run your mouth and act like you were in the right. YOU are wrong. Very wrong! You had all day to get your food! You should not have had young children out that late. And, you should be intelligent enough to realize that businesses run on their clocks and NOT your's!!!

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