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my mother bought my 3 children shirts and trousers on the 18th december at debenhams in carlisle, to wear on christmas day. On opening the outfits it was discovered that the security tag had been left on a pair of trousers obviously could'nt wear them. my mother dos'nt get to see her grandchildren very often and had been looking forward to the photos, which were obviously not the same as planned. I contacted debenhams who told me this kind of thing happens and take them back to the store to have the tag removed. I told them i lived 40 miles away from the nearest store and they said to drop them in whenever i could, not caring about the fact that travelling 40 miles with 3 kids is'nt easy never mind the cost of public transport. When i asked how i'd been able to leave the store with the security tag still attached, i did'nt recieve an answer to the question and they did'nt seem concerned. DISGRACEFUL


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      Jan 26, 2011

    This is an unfortunate part of retail; especially during christmas when a lot of stores take on temps who aren't fully aware which products to check-- or how to check for them properly. The reason you were able to leave is because Debenhams use ink dye tags, which burst if you try and remove them, not the "beeper" tags of other stores.

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  • G
      Jan 18, 2015

    I feel using the word disgracful is a little harsh. It was obviously a mistake and due to the nature of what happened it would probably be the only way they could resolve it.

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  • M
      Jul 25, 2019

    your inability to understand new tag technology is not the store's fault. It's not a disgrace. Homeless people on the street during Christmas is a disgrace, not the inconvenience of a security tag left on precious's clothing. Travelling 40 miles with 3 kids ? Do me a favour !

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