V Oct 03, 2015

Good afternoon, I completed my purchases and headed over to the cashier, I was patiently waiting my turn as there was a customer before me. I was to be next, when suddenly two Saudi females come in front of me and insisted that they be served. Apparently they left their purchases at the counter some time earlier. The cashier did tell them that they should follow the que, but they insisted that they should be served. I and the other customers that was patiently waiting did not agree. The manager was called in, however he was absolutely useless, and could not do anything to resolve this issue. The was only one cashier at that big section. The conversation went on for almost 15 minutes, when they decided to open another till, and still allowed the two female Saudi to be served first. I simply love this store and usually spend lots there. My purchases for today was 1550 Saudi Riyals. I am very disappointed with this kind of service, with poor customer service, and the lack of efficient staff, especially management.

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